Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Patch Tones Down Most Disturbing DLC

Other changes include turning the volume down on the Mass Relays.

Bioware is releasing a new patch for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to bring some fixes and changes to the remastered trilogy.

While some major issues like progress-blocking glitches are addressed, there are also some nice, quality of life changes like lowering the volume of Mass Effect’s Mass Relay loading screens. Originally, these loading screens were demonstrably louder than the rest of the game. So now, you don’t have to have your remote right next to you to mute your TV when you travel from system to system.

The patch notes have some universal changes across all three games, as well as individual lists for each. One of the bullet points that stuck out to me is an update made to Mass Effect 2’s “Overlord” DLC. Without getting too deep into spoilers, that add-on focuses on a character who is being held against their will in an awful experiment. When Commander Shepard encounters this person, the already gruesome scene was made worse in Legendary Edition by upping the gore and his eyes being completely bloodshot. The entire DLC’s premise is still unsettling, but at least the visual will be toned down somewhat.

The full list of changes and updates reads as follows:


  • English spoken dialogue can now be selected separately from subtitle language
  • Resolved issues with unlocking some achievements/trophies, such as the Paramours or kill count trackers
  • Corrected pre-rendered cutscenes that were darker than intended after the previous update
  • Wireless headsets/devices no longer cause issues with the Xbox launcher
  • Improved PC performance across various hardware configurations, including on Virmire
  • Fixed an issue on PC where non-standard characters in the operating system’s username would prevent the game from launching
    • Removed the dependency on the AVX instruction set in the launcher
  • Other minor calibrations and fixes, including some instances of crashing

Mass Effect

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from reaching the max level
  • Fixed an issue where tier VII Spectre – Master Gear was inaccessible
  • Various collision improvements
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the ability to interact with objects
  • Lowered audio volume on Mass Relay load screens
  • Improved eye animations for male characters in some scenes

Mass Effect 2

  • Toned down the intensity of fog on Illium
  • Fixed an issue where a character’s eyes at the end of the Overlord DLC were unintentionally red
  • Reduced the max credits that can be carried from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 down to 100k for more balanced early-game progression
    • Credit carryover maximum now matches carryover from the original release
    • Posthumous banking fees are a lot! It’s a great way to dodge taxes.

Mass Effect 3

  • Resolved an issue where English dialogue no longer played during the Citadel DLC for German and Italian localizations
  • Fixed an issue where some key characters weren’t appearing as intended during the Citadel DLC

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