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Man Downloads Fighting Game After EVO, Once Again Convinced 'I Can Do That'

"What, like it's hard?"

A man has spent several hundred dollars on fighting games after spending his weekend watching EVO 2022 and determining he can probably pull off all the sick plays he watched trained professionals do during the fighting game tournament if he tried.

The player, who asked to remain anonymous after looking at the grand total of PlayStation Network charges following his buying and downloading several fighting games from the EVO 2022 line-up, said he spent the weekend armchair quarterbacking pro players with friends in a Discord voice chat while watching the tournament on Twitch. He describes his experience watching tournaments as “reinvigorating” his desire to play fighting games, having not played them in several years, nor paid much attention to the genre when he wasn’t watching EVO.

“I spent the weekend watching these players and constantly thinking, ‘if I were playing now, I would have simply blocked more of these moves,'” the man tells Fanbyte. “You see some of these players getting caught up in these huge combos, and, if it were me, I think I could avoid getting hit so many times like this, and just hit the enemy that many times, instead.”

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Players who attend tournaments like EVO spend months training and learning the games they play at a professional level. When Fanbyte pointed this out, the man said, “yeah, but I’m pretty sure that after watching these fights all weekend, I learned a lot about the genre and I think I can do that, too. It doesn’t look that hard.”

After coming to this conclusion, the EVO watcher downloaded several fighting games, including Guilty Gear StriveStreet Fighter V, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, all of which were part of this year’s tournament line-up. The man spent 20 minutes in a practice ring to try out Guilty Gear Strive’s new character Bridget, then entered an online match and was immediately bodied. He has since uninstalled each of these games.

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