Make Sure to Collect Your Vendor Engrams in Destiny 2 This Week

When Lightfall launched, Destiny 2 radically changed how engrams work. In the place of the old Umbral Engrams system, each ritual vendor now has their own engram inventory that increases as you complete their activity. This means that their engrams stay out of your inventory, clearing up space for engrams you may find during play. However, as each vendor’s inventory changes each season, this means that their engram inventory also resets to zero at the beginning of a new season.

With this being the last week of the Season of Defiance in Destiny 2, you should make sure to spend or focus your engrams at Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter. You can choose to focus them into specific pieces of gear if you like, though that will cost resources. Alternately, you can simply collect them at the vendor to get random rolls of their loot.

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to do this en masse. That means that if you’ve been accumulating engrams at a vendor all season, you’re going to have to claim them one by one, likely have your Postmaster fill up, then repeat the process. That can be a bit of a pain.

Of course, you don’t have to claim these engrams. Mostly, they’re going to be armor pieces and middling rolls of Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit weapons, so it’s hardly an essential end of season activity. Still, for those of you who hate to leave gear on the table, you might want to set aside some time to clear them out. And in case you’ve forgotten, you can use the Engram Tracker in your inventory to check the tally of engrams you have at each vendor.

Do you have a big backlog of engrams to clear out? Or are you not going to bother? Let us know in the comments below.