Mabel’s Pokemon Anniversary Song is a Jigglypuff-Approved Bop

The series continues its musical 25th anniversary celebration.

The Pokemon 25th anniversary music initiative is like a fun surprise I forget about for a few months then something new drops and it puts a smile on my face. Post Malone hosted a digital concert set in the Pokemon world, Katy Perry had a new song and music video drop where she and a Pikachu helped younger versions of themselves become stars. And now, pop artist Mabel has joined the line-up of Pokemon’s musical celebration.

Unlike Perry’s music video for “Electric,” Mabel’s “Take It Home” isn’t so much a story being told featuring a Pokemon, but more of a dream where Jigglypuff shows up. Pikachu also makes an obligatory mascot character appearance, but I hope that by the time all these songs and music videos are out, all of these artists will have different partner Pokemon. The song’s pretty fun too, and I think it edges out “Electric” for me.

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While there’s a lot of music happening in the Pokemon world right now, the 25th anniversary celebration does include some games. Earlier this year, Pokemon Snap came to Switch, and two major RPGs are launching in the coming monthsPokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are remakes of the original DS games, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a new game set in the Sinnoh region long before the Pokemon League was ever a thing.