Incubate and Hatch a Living Spaceship in No Man’s Sky’s New Update

Create a real living spaceship, meet NPCs in space and more in No Man's Sky latest patch, titled the Living Ship Update.

Have you ever wanted to hatch a spaceship? What about a living, maybe-breathing, procedurally-generated spaceship with a beating “heart?” Thanks to No Man’s Sky, that’s very much a thing. In the game’s latest update, the aptly-named “Living Ship Update,” you can literally hatch a spaceship to fly across the universe.

The new Living Ships grow in certain procedurally-generated areas and are, much like many of No Man’s Sky’s best features, also procedurally-generated. So every space ship you encounter is unique! Plus, each comes with its own set of strengths and restrictions, as any real, living creature does. Alternatively, if you don’t like the ships you’ve found, you can just… incubate your own sentient craft? And really, why not just become a whole Living Ship breeder?

WithNo Man’s Sky in VR, you can turn your head to take a proper look around your new vessel. Of course, because it’s a living thing, Hello Games hints that it’s… a little icky. But given it’s your own unique Living Ship, it’s worth a peek, right?

Plus, there’s an accompanying mission that delves into the lore of these ships. And as players learned through the game and its adjacent media, No Man’s Sky lore can go pretty deep!

no mans sky living ship update

This particular patch, No Man’s Sky’s 2.3 version, includes a bit more than just the weird living spaceships. It’s basically a giant space update, with plenty more to do while blasting through the stars. The new gameplay feels welcome, given No Man’s Sky famous emphasis on terrestrial-planetary exploration.

The patch notes tease “space encounters” with “mysterious space objects” and “strange new lifeforms.” Preview images range from strange blue tangle-blobs to unfathomably massive fossils of age-old creatures.

Meanwhile, new NPCs hanging out in space can flag you down with a signal. Many stock specific “specialty items for sale.” More merchants is always a plus because sometimes you just need Gek items to charm Gek with! But it seems some NPCs have quests, too. Whatever the case, it’s good to keep eyes and ears up for more things to do in the vast, procedurally-generated universe.

There’s now also multiplayer group warping. Essentially, you can drag your whole group out to that one planet with the weird two-legged cow creatures that have T-rex hands with far less trouble than before. Just visit the Space anomaly, then select an exit destination in the warping system for your band of exploring misfits.

no mans sky space encounter living ship update

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Probably the most important change to me, personally as a No Man’s Sky fan, is this: “Significantly increased the distance players are able to move the camera in Photo Mode.” (…Yeah, that was always just a pet peeve of mine.)

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and face of No Man’s Sky, says the Living Ship Update is a part of a push for regular content updates. The team hopes to release new features “every month or so, along with community missions and new content every week.”

“In previous years we have focused the team around one large update, leaving maybe 8 months where not much happened,” he said in a Twitter thread. “Sometimes there were fun features that were wrapped up in other things waiting for release ?

Whilst we continue to work on more radical things longer term in the background, in the meantime we are experimenting with releasing content we know the community would enjoy as soon as we’re able. It’s fairly organic, and we’ll adapt as we go [Nerd Emoji]”

Photographers and ship breeders alike can download and play the new patch right now.