The Last of Us 2’s ‘Road to Launch’ Brings Hour-Long PAX Demo, Merch

A lengthy PAX East demo, a new statuette, and a "special edition" restock restore confidence in The Last Of Us 2's announced May launch.

Like plenty of other AAA games as of late, The Last of Us Part 2 already caused a delay scare, after its February 21st release date fell back to May 29th. Now, however, good tiding are arriving in the form of pre-release pushes from Sony and Naughty Dog. And for fans going to PAX East, there may be a special treat — if they can poke their phones fast enough.

In a blog posted to Sony’s site, Naughty Dog posted quite a few new announcements. For one, PAX East fans can download the Experience PlayStation app and prepare to tap into a semi-public TLOU2 demo. Anyone else itching to get their hands on the game can also get their hands on some merch… if it’s not already sold out by the time you read this.

The good news is, regardless of what you’re interested in, this means Sony and Naughty Dog are confident that the May 29th date will bring us the hotly-anticipated sequel.

“[T]his is just the first step on the road to the launch of The Last of Us Part II on May 29, and there’s plenty more to come,” Naughty Dog shared.

Get in on the PAX Demo

Technically, Boston is where it all starts. Ellie is born and raised in the rare quarantine zone there, and many factions run out of the region. Therefore, it makes sense that The Last of Us was first showed off at PAX East in Boston years back. Now, even though the setting has moved, The Last Of Us back for round two.

last of us part 2 pax demo patrol

According to the blog post, the demo, titled “Patrol,” is an early-game region that players can explore for an hour. That’s right — this public demo for The Last of Us Part 2 is an hour long (or so). So in order for both Naughty Dog and players to avoid unnecessary or exhausting lines, there’s an appointment process players need to follow.

If you’ll be at PAX East and want to try TLOU2, you need to download the Experience PlayStation mobile app and sign in. The app is Sony’s “check-in” system for real-life event presences, including gaming conventions. When registration opens up, you’ll need to navigate into the app and grab your spot. Apparently, new spots open each morning of the show, so keep your eye on social media and the app.

Get Some Swag

If you’re less “experience”-friendly and more of a material girl (or fiend otherwise), you’re in luck. Fans of lovely digital treats can get their hands on a new The Last of Us PS4 Dynamic Theme. It features a cool new PS4 Dynamic Theme feature: a day-to-night transition, which changes based on your local time. During the day, you see Ellie playing guitar, but enemies approach in the same spot at night.

If you like real-world goodies, they’ve re-opened pre-orders for the “Ellie Edition,” which is basically the Collector’s Edition, but includes a statue of Ellie playing guitar.

Plus, if you really feel like emptying out your wallet, there’s one more piece of merchandise open to all. After another Ellie statuette seemingly did well, Dark Horse and Naughty Dog collaborated on a new one for the next installment of the series.

last of us ellie statue statuette figure machete

More Like This:

This new one shows Ellie standing anxiously, but intently, with a bloody machete. It feels like the scene can either keep going, or end as it is; either way, it’s subtly and dynamic.The statuette itself is about eight inches tall, with a slight base to clock it in at a foot tall, and it’s about ten inches in diameter.

The catch? You can only get this if you order it right now, “right now” meaning until March 13, this year. Plus, you can only get two per person. If you’re the wallet-emptying, collectible-collecting type, it might be good to get in on this now and pre-order.

For the wall-art types, there’s some genuinely lovely concept art on sale as well, too. Much of it is already sold out, but if you can get your hands on some, it’ll make for great coffee table conversation.