Kratos is Joining Fortnite as the Game Continues to Morph into an Ad

"Boy!" - Kratos, upon fighting a child in Fortnite.

Look, the most I ever pay attention to Fortnite is when it’s the subject of a messy, public divorce between two billion dollar companies, but every now and then an announcement comes along about Epic Games’ cultural phenomenon that gives me pause. Why is it that every time Fortnite penetrates beyond its own walls and into a larger conversation it feels like it’s because it’s a crossover and not because of any of the actual characters or iconography that Epic has put into the game over the past three years? If it’s not a crossover, it’s an event like a concert or a trailer premiere. Is Fortnite even a video game anymore, or is it like a playable ad space that is handed to the highest bidder? How much of an identity can a video game maintain if it’s constantly bringing in other characters and properties and being used for things other than the thing it started as? Is Fortnite the video game manifestation of the Ship of Theseus? Oh right. I nearly forgot why we came here. Kratos, the protagonist of God of War, is coming to Fortnite, for some reason.

The announcement was first teased through PlayStation and Fortnite’s social channels where a character voiced by Troy Baker (his name is Agent Jonesy, as I understand it) laments having to be around Kratos because he’s a god killer who gets mad easily. Following this, the actual skin was shown online, and well, it’s just a slightly cartoonier Kratos in the style of God of War (2018) after he made the jump to the world of Norse mythology.

In other news:

This does mean that Kratos is about to make a change in his arsenal and is gonna pick up a gun, which is something that man has not seen or held in his hand since probably, I don’t know, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? But you know what’s even worse to consider, we’re about to see him Floss. And take selfies. And whatever else you can force a character to do in Fortnite.

You know who seems like he’d be more likely to Floss? Kratos’ son Atreus, who will be returning in the upcoming sequel to the 2018 reboot of the series alongside his father. While the game was teased earlier this year as part of the PlayStation 5’s line-up, Sony is refusing to confirm or deny whether or not the game will be exclusive to the next-gen console. This is in question because Sony has been releasing several of its PlayStation Studios games on both PS4 and PS5 in order to take advantage of the previous console’s larger install base. This includes Horizon: Forbidden WestSackboy: A Big Adventure, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, Sony isn’t saying just yet whether or not Kratos’ next outing will only be available on the newer console. So make of that what you will.