Knights of the Old Republic II Coming to Switch with Restored Content as DLC

Details are sparse, but exciting to think about.

There are entirely too many Star Wars holidays. There’s May the 4th, which I’m not completely on board with but I will grudgingly accept, and that day has a lot of Star Wars news accompanying it. Then somehow these Star Wars people got a Star Wars Celebration convention going in Anaheim in late May that also just has a bunch of announcements, such as today’s Jedi Survivor reveal. I guess I can’t complain too much if the announcements we get are as interesting as this one.

On Twitter today, Nintendo revealed that the much-loved Knights of the Old Republic II will be coming to Switch. That on its own is neat, though perhaps not particularly earth-shattering. The most exciting part comes as a small stinger near the end of the trailer, where a vague teaser of Restored Content as DLC suddenly flashes on the screen.

When Knights of the Old Republic II was developed, LucasArts handed the game to Obsidian rather than BioWare, which developed the first title. Obsidian was only given slightly over a year to create a massive RPG and, understandably, much of it was left on the cutting room floor. Except it wasn’t really cut so much as unfinished and then left inaccessible inside the game. Over the years, fans — with plenty of encouragement from Obsidian themselves — finished and re-enabled all this content in what is known as “The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod” for PC owners.

Presumably that is now being included in the Switch version of the game, the first time this content has ever been officially playable on a console.

There aren’t a lot of details, to the point where it seems probable that porting studio Asypr and Lucasfilm only recently decided this was feasible, but it looks like that restored content is coming as DLC down the line. There are still multiple questions: is this the same work that fans did? Are those modders involved? Are they being compensated? Is Obsidian involved? When is the DLC / mod / restored content coming exactly?

There are more questions than answers at the moment. Yet for fans of what many consider to be the best-written Star Wars game in the series’ multiple decades, it’s an exciting prospect all the same. Even with The Old Republic MMO still going there is a definite yearning for more classic KOTOR.  Knights of the Old Republic II is coming to Switch on June 8, 2022.