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Kingdom Hearts III's Re:Mind DLC's Content Broken Down at Orchestra Performance in Osaka

No word on if it will redeem Kairi's awful arc.

Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura stopped by the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Of Tres performance in Osaka to tell attendees more about the game’s upcoming Re:Mind DLC that was announced earlier this year.

According to a report from Kingdom Hearts fan site KH13, Nomura said the next trailer for the DLC would be out in December and would bring with it an actual release date. But as for what all comes with it, Nomura broke down some of the new features, which included several new modes and ways of play:

  • Fast Pass mode will make the game much easier, with options such as allowing enemies to be defeated in one hit, or grand magic and Attractions appearing much more frequently.

  • Black Code mode, on the other hand, uses player-imposed restrictions to crank the difficulty up to ludicrous levels, with options such as restricting players from healing.

  • Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game’s characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects. In the video shown at the Orchestra, it was shown that this mode can be used to recreate scenes from past games using Kingdom Hearts III graphics. For example, the video showed the scene of Axel confronting Xion in Twilight Town (from 358/2 Days).

  • Slideshow Mode allows you to create slideshows with the images you’ve taken.

This is all in addition to the already confirmed content coming with the Re:Mind DLC, which included new boss fights and story content. Thankfully this will also mean a larger role for fan favorite Naminé, who was mostly absent through Kingdom Hearts III proper, and her only speaking lines were buried in an easily missable set of dialogue near the end of the game. Which was especially weird considering she was literally on the cover of the game and is a Dearly Beloved character among the series’ fanbase.

More Kingdom Hearts:

Overall, Re:Mind seems to be functioning as an update to Kingdom Hearts III similar to the “Final Mix” editions of the first two mainline games Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. These updated versions brought similar content and additions to both of those games back in their original PS2 days. However, thanks to the digital future, this will be available for download instead of through buying a whole new packaged game several months later. Both of these versions of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II were included in the HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix compilations, which will finally be coming to the Xbox One after skipping over Microsoft’s consoles for years.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Re:Mind is doing much about the absence of Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts III. Admittedly, those characters weren’t as prominent as the Disney ones were over the years, but for something that was originally pitched as Disney and Final Fantasy crossover it’s a pretty sad omission.

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