Eat KFC Gacha to Fight as Colonel Sanders in This Arena of Valor Promo

Arena of Valor is running a Taiwanese collaboration with famed fried chicken chain KFC - but you'll need a bit of luck to get the goods.

Are you an Arena of Valor skin collector in Taiwan? Hope you like fried chicken, because you’re going to need to grind up some chicken for a promotional skin. In Taiwan, Arena of Valor and KFC (yes, that KFC) have teamed up for a promotional event, featuring the legendary Colonel Sanders as a skin for the hero Omarr. But it’s a bit of a double-gacha situation.

In order to get a chance at Arena of Valor‘s digital prizes (yes, you read that right), you need to buy a special food box. It’s only $5 and is a pretty hearty meal, so if you’re a KFC fan, it’s not too bad.

However, the first layer of gacha is like any other food sweepstakes. You have a chance of receiving one of three items: the AoV prize, a food or drink giveaway, or an actual physical prize. The physical prizes include T-shirts, pillows, blankets, and more.

And these all sound nifty! But that doesn’t sound like it’s what a lot of gamers are in for. Unless these box-searching KFC gamers are really into physical prizes and free food, in which case, they should go for it by all means. I know I would.

kfc colonel sanders arena of valor aov
The official promotion ad for the “KFC x RoV” promotion.

If you’re searching for the skin, a digital AoV KFC prize won’t be enough. In fact, once you get the AoV digital prize, you’re in for another layer of luck. It appears that, according to rough Google translations (sorry), the skin is one of only a few available prizes in the digital AoV loot box. Other prizes include teleportation effects, kill effects, and more. And this is where the chances come out.

It turns out only a limited amount of each digital prize is available. They’re all KFC-themed, but not all of them are that sweet, sweet skin. The numbers are as follows:

  • Colonel Sanders skin for Omarr: 450,000 available
  • Recall effect: 185,000 available
  • Kill effect: 185,000 available
  • Sprinting Trail effect: 185,000 available

arena of valor colonel sanders kfc

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Technically, the Sanders skin is the most populous prize. But with a total of 105,000 AoV digital prizes available, you have just under a 45% chance to unlock the skin. That’s a bit worse than a coin flip, but not a really bad chance at all. It’s probably just a frustrating journey in this case to have a less than 50-50 chance of getting the skin, given the layers of luck you need to work through.

This is absolutely not the first time KFC has reached out to do gaming-related content. Late last year, the chicken chain launched a full dating simulator, featuring the Colonel and other date-able characters. And it wasn’t just a small meme; it was a full-fledged game.

Very soon, the fried chicken company is also launching the Esports Performance Burger. The burger itself is technically just a plant-based burger, like the Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger. However, they’re taking this to the next level by starting off the campaign with a mockumentary.

And in case you needed further validation that eastern Asia loves KFC: the food company also sponsors the LPL, the official League of Legends franchise of China. (Unfortunately, LPL is on a minor delay due to the mutated coronavirus outbreak.)

[DISCLAIMER: Arena of Valor is owned by Tencent, which also owns Fanbyte. However, we maintain editorial independence from AoV. Like, we aren’t getting apid to promo this. There’s just no way in hell anyone can ignore AoV’s prominence in eastern Asia nor a promotion as wonky as this.]