IO Interactive Opens New Barcelona Studio to Help With Hitman, Bond, and a New IP

This makes three branches for the Danish developer.

IO Interactive, the studio behind the Hitman series and the upcoming James Bond game, is opening a new studio in Barcelona.

The studio is the third branch of the developer, joining the Copenhagen and Malmö teams, and will work on the Hitman series, the James Bond project, and a third, unannounced game in a new IP.

“There are exciting times ahead at IO Interactive and I am proud to announce the next step in our plans for the most desirable game company in Europe,” said IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak alongside the announcement. “IOI Barcelona will become the third studio to join our efforts to create phenomenal experiences for our players and communities.

“All three of our studios have extremely talented developers who are passionate and driven towards making an impact in our industry. A core part of our philosophy is that everyone at IOI has a significant and impactful role to play in realizing our dreams, regardless of where they’re located. Think of it as one studio, in multiple locations.”

While a core team is already in place at the Barcelona location, there are some job listings up that say the third, unannounced project will have some kind of multiplayer component.

In other news:

IO Interactive’s latest project is Hitman 3, which has already made back all its development budget. The Fanbyte crew was a pretty big fan of the final game in the trilogy, and for more on that, might I recommend a few pieces of writing on the matter?

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