It’s Not a Third Game, But I’ll Take an Injustice Movie Any Day

Not like Injustice 2 isn't still readily available on my shelf right now.

I’m still holding out hope that NetherRealms Studio is working on a third Injustice fighting game, as it’s one of the iterations of DC Comics’ universe that I hold most closely to my heart. But an animated movie set in its dark, alternate timeline is a pretty exciting thing in the meantime.

The film wasn’t really given much fanfare when it was announced, as its reveal came out of a press release for another animated project coming out of DC, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two (thanks IGN). A trailer for the Injustice movie will be part of that movie’s special features when it comes to Blu-ray on August 10. Beyond that? There’s not much in the way of specifics. It’s unclear if this movie will follow the events of either Injustice: Gods Among Us or Injustice 2, or if it will be a new story set in the series’ alternate universe.

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While a direct adaptation of the Injustice games would be good, I would probably be more excited to see more stories within that timeline than see the original get redone. DC has also released two extensive comic series set before both games, depicting how characters ended up living in a dystopian regime under Superman. So there are plenty of stories to tell that don’t have to dive into the same beats as the game’s excellent story modes. One might argue Injustice already has a movie, as all the cutscenes collected in a YouTube video is still a pretty decent way to experience the story if you’re no good at fighting games.

Still holding out hope that another Injustice game is also in the works. Comic writer Tom Taylor hinted Injustice would be returning in some form last year, but this movie may very well have been what he was teasing.