Injustice is Returning in Some Capacity, Don’t Talk To Me About Anything Else Today

John Constantine should be playable instead of any crossover garbage, in my opinion.

Tom Taylor, the writer behind several comic book series from Spider-manSuicide Squad, and even some Star Wars stories, has posted two tweets that seem to be hinting at the return of the Injustice series, the alternate universe DC Comics franchise that spawned two fighting games and two prequel comic book series.

On his personal Twitter, Taylor posted tweets with two halves of a quote from Batman, along with the “I” and “N” of the subseries’ logo. Presumably he’s going to finish spelling out the full Injustice, but could he be gearing up to throw a “3” at the end and announce a third game and comic series as well? I sure hope so. Taylor specifically works on the comic side of things instead of the games, so it’s entirely possible he’s only teasing the return of the books. But given that Injustice’s comics have been tied to the games as prequels, it would be an anomaly for one to return without the other.

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Given that the event is getting pretty close now, there’s a strong possibility we’ll hear more about whatever Injustice game or comic is happening at the DC Fandome event happening on August 22. The 24-hour event is basically DC’s one-stop digital showcase for everything going on within the company, from video games (like the long-hinted new Batman game happening at WB Montreal), to movies like the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Injustice: Gods Among Us launched in 2013, and portrayed a dark alternate universe where Superman became a dictator, with Batman heading up a resistance. Because of some dimension-hopping antics, characters from a more traditional DC Comics universe came to this universe to help Batman defeat his old friend, mainly because their counterparts in the new universe had been killed or converted. Injustice 2 was all about the fallout of the first game, taking place entirely in this alternate universe while everyone adjusted to a relative return to peace. Until Brainiac showed up, at least. The story went out of its way to contextualize why heroes like Green Arrow and Wonder Woman were fighting one another, and also how these matchups were made into fair fights despite some characters not having superhuman strength.

For DC fans, it’s a really fun “what if” scenario to see how Superman’s path from boy scout to tyrant affected the world, and it’s all wrapped around a really excellent fighting game. I put hundreds of hours into Injustice 2 and it kind of helped solidify Green Arrow as my favorite superhero. So while I hope this is leading up to an eventual Injustice 3, I wouldn’t be too upset if it was just a new comic series, because I really enjoyed those, as well. But if this does mean a third game is on the way, I hope NetherRealm Studios puts John Constantine in there as a make good for me specifically for putting those damn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Injustice 2.