Archival Mystery Game Immortality Gets Release Date and Final Trailer

Sam Barlow's Immortality will be releasing on July 27, 2022

Sam Barlow’s upcoming movie-mystery game Immortality just revealed a new trailer, and a release date: July 27, 2022.

At the 2022 PC Gaming show, developers Half Mermaid showcased the final world premiere trailer for Immortality. Like past games Her Story and Telling Lies, it’s a project that blends live action and enigma to create a murder(?) mystery. Immortality‘s trailer tells players to “Match cut [their] own path to mystery,” by sifting through three lost, old-timey films to find out what happened to actress Marissa Marcel.

The footage shows a player clicking on various parts of a movie’s frame. Take one of the actors for example. Then Immortality throws them straight into one of the other movies featuring that same person. The idea seems to be that you will piece together what happened to these individuals over time by watching their performances and roles. You can also watch the full trailer right here.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Barlow shared a bit more about the production behind the game.

“Part of the pitch to myself with Immortality was to run as far as possible in a direction that felt specifically and uniquely interesting to me,” says Barlow. “The stories I love in other mediums are always those where it feels the people making them didn’t give a f**k what anyone thought—there’s a fine line between that and self indulgence, but I think it generally gets you to more interesting places.”

Immortality is being developed by Half Mermaid. It isn’t just being produced by Barlow, of course, and also comes from the minds of Allan Scott, Amelia Gray, and Barry Gifford. Barlow is known for his development of similar found footage style (the aforementioned Her Story and thriller Telling Lies). The enigmatic film-inspired Immortality will be available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass when it launches on July 27, 2022.