I’m More Confused About the Uncharted Movie After Seeing its Trailer

I guess this isn't a simple prequel.

Before the trailer came out today, I thought I understood what the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland as protagonist Nathan Drake was going to entail. Now, I’m not so sure, and it’s not exactly for the better. As a huge Uncharted fan, I’m going to see this movie, but what I thought I was getting doesn’t appear to be what’s hitting theaters on February 18.

When Holland was cast as Nate it was on the pretense that the film was going to be a prequel to the original games set sometime after the flashbacks in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. But based on this trailer, that doesn’t seem to be precisely right. In this two-and-a-half-minute-long video, we see what appears to be Nate and his father figure Victor Sullivan (played by Mark Wahlberg) meeting for the first time in a different way than they did in the games, with Nate being a bartender and Sully a patron. This could be some editing around lines that implies they went their separate ways at some point after Uncharted 3 showed them becoming the treasure-hunting duo we know them to be, but further dialogue seems to complicate that, as well. Somehow, Sully knows about Nate’s brother Sam, who was retroactively written into the story in Uncharted 4, and the implication is the treasure Nate is searching for in the movie will lead him to his long lost brother, who he wouldn’t be reunited with for well over a decade from when this movie takes place. Also, we see Nate meeting Chloe Frazer for the first time in a way that’s distinctly not how they met in the game’s timeline: at gunpoint.

The movie’s placement in the game’s actual timeline is muddied more, as the action set pieces seem to have some direct callbacks to the games. Such as Uncharted 3’s plane scene, which had Nate climbing up cargo dangling off a plane over the Rub’ al Khali Desert.

In other news:

It’s only one trailer, but it shows enough to present the movie as less a piece of Nathan Drake’s story and more a frankensteining of elements from all the games made into a film. And that’s just altogether less interesting to me than the possibility of an unseen piece of the treasure hunter’s legacy coming to the big screen. Still gonna see it, but my expectations have been adjusted accordingly.

Check out the trailer below:

The last game in the Uncharted series was Uncharted: Lost Legacy in 2017, which focused on Chloe and Uncharted 4 antagonist Nadine Ross. Both it and Uncharted 4 are coming to PlayStation 5 and PC as part of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in 2022.