I’m Hanging on by a Thread, and That Thread Is Baldur’s Gate III

The attractive monsters, I need them.

I’m being entirely serious. I wake up every day, look at what is no shortage of absolute horrors around me, and one of the few sources of comfort I have at my therapist-less disposal are my hopes and dreams for Baldur’s Gate III.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long at all for more information on Larian Studios’ newest project. We have a continuously updated list of every event replacing E3 2020 that will be happening over the course of the next few months, and the title has been confirmed to show up at possibly more than one show. Earlier this week, the developer posted a small “sizzle” of what’s to come. It also shared that much more of Baldur’s Gate III will be specifically revealed next week, during the all-day event known as The Guerilla Collective that will take place from June 6 to June 8.

The sneak peek is an exciting look at intense battles, visual spectacles, and excellent voice acting — which is par for the course for a Larian Studios production these days. I’ll be frank and say I’ve never played a Baldur’s Gate game. But this? This looks a lot like Divinity: Original Sin 2, which is one of the best RPGs ever made in my book. The live PAX East demo we got in February showcased the game in the best way: chaotic, refreshing, and perpetually thrilling. It was a disastrous demo and that’s why it shined, for I haven’t stopped thinking of this game since. It’s to the point that I periodically rewatch it to laugh at its messy charms all over again. The extensive amount of information we’ve learned from a March Reddit AMA with various developers — which touched on the differences between Baldur’s Gate III and Divinity: Original Sin 2, the game’s connection to past entries, and player freedom — only adds to the already monumental levels of anticipation.

So, please, sign me up. I’m so ready.

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While fans are hopeful for an Early Access announcement next week, it’s best to keep expectations at bay. Michael Douse, Director of Publishing at Larian Studios, responded to a fan on May 29 that they’re happy to provide an Early Access release date eventually — just not right now.

It’s unknown as to exactly how COVID-19 has impacted development, but we’ve got a good idea. Swen Vincke, the CEO of Larian Studios, shared in an April tweet that, “While we’re slowed down, development on BG3 keeps on progressing and we still expect EA this year.”

In an interview with the New York Times, he had been transparent regarding some details on the struggles the development team had faced during the first few weeks of the virus outbreak. “The very first week, it went really well,” he said. “Everyone had all the information they needed to just smoothly go work from home.” However, as time progressed, the team, “started seeing more stress on the leads in terms of communication. We’d spend all of our days just communicating — trying to solve problems, organize things, give direction.”

The team has, as far as we know, not obtained a solution to performance capturing, an essential process for a game like Baldur’s Gate III that has no way of being easily replicated at home. Nonetheless, Vincke stated that development was still proceeding, albeit slowed down to about 70 to 80 percent.

We’ll be able to see what the team has been working on since February during The Guerrilla Collective next week, which we’ll absolutely cover on Fanbyte. Be sure to follow our updates on the title, as well as any content dedicated to all the already attractive human and non-human characters this game has already shown us, such as the demonic stud in the header image.