ICYMI: Pokemon Presents Spotlights Scarlet & Violet’s Paldea Region

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were the headliners.

The Pokemon Company held a new Pokemon Presents showcase this morning, and while Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were the headliner, the company also gave updates on other projects like Pokemon GoPokemon Masters EX, and Pokemon Unite.

  • The Pokemon World Championships is taking place in London this month, and will include Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite competitions in addition to Sword & ShieldPokken Tournament, and the card game. The winners are gonna get a sick trophy featuring Pikachu, which I kind of just want to buy and put on my shelf.
  • On August 27, Ultra Beasts will be available in Pokemon Go as part of a global Pokemon Go Fest finale event, as well as Shaymin. The event will also mark the end of a storyline involving Professor Willow.
  • Pokemon Unite’s anniversary event will continue with a Pikachu-centric mode called Pika Party, which will allow all players to play as Pikachu for a match, and features a Gigantamax Pikachu as a boss character. Also, Buzzwole is joining the game as a playable character today.
  • Next up was Pokemon Masters EX, which is getting new content in a Trainer Lodge update. More information to come.
  • Mewtwo is returning to Pokemon Cafe Mix, which means you can make one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world serve food in a restaurant. Also joining the game are Latias and Latios, the former of which is available now.
  • Now for what we all came here for. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s region is called Paldea, and players will be able to get around quickly by riding on the backs of the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon that change form to traverse the open world. The new trailer showed off several new characters, new Pokemon, and gave the first look at the games’ gimmick.
  • The trailer confirms a handful of long-speculated aspects of the games’ structure, including that both games will focus on one of two different schools. Scarlet players will attend Naranja Academy, while Violet players will be part of Uva Academy. However, it looks like both schools will feature some of the same characters. Other than the professors, at least. The game will feature three major story pillars: the typical gym battles (which you can challenge in any order), and two others that weren’t confirmed in the presentation.
  • The presentation also revealed a few new Pokemon, including a Paldean form of Wooper (Poison/Ground), as well as dog-like Fidough (Fairy), and the hulking Cetitan (Ice).
  • There was some time spent on the online co-op, which supports up to four players exploring the Paldea region together.
  • The new gimmick in Scarlet & Violet is the Terastallize mechanic. This crystalizes Pokemon in the Paldea region, and gives them a boost to their strength and can possibly change their typing, as well. It seems like each Pokemon you come across in Scarlet & Violet has an inherent Terastallize type, which may differ from the Pokemon’s usual type. Some examples included a Pikachu that could change into a flying type, or an Eevee that could change into grass or water type.
  • Similar to Dynamax raids in Sword & ShieldScarlet & Violet will feature Tera Raids, which are cooperative battles against Pokemon with rare Tera typing.
  • Anyone who purchases either Scarlet or Violet before February 28. 2023 will be able to claim a Pikachu with a flying tera type, which won’t be obtainable otherwise.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are coming to Switch on November 18, but Pokemon fans haven’t been lacking in games to play this year, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus launching back in January.