ICYMI: Here’s All the Games Shown During PlayStation’s Indie Showcase

From hopping dimensions to taking a short hike.

Today, Sony hosted another PlayStation Indies showcase to spotlight games from independent developers that will be coming to PS4 and PS5. This wasn’t a live stream or show that you might have missed, but a series of blog posts released over the course of the day. So we’ve gathered all of the games in one place for you.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

The sequel to 2016’s Oxenfree was first revealed at a Nintendo Indie showcase, but the game is also coming to PlayStation consoles. Night School Studio made the announcement as part of its own PlayStation Blog post, confirming a PS4 and PS5 version will launch sometime in 2021.

Axiom Verge 2

The sequel to the much-beloved “Where the fuck do I go kind of game” Axiom Verge is on the way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and developer Tom Happ used this time on the PlayStation Blog to talk about the game’s map including two worlds in one. This is through making a second map that is an “interconnected breach world,” which Happ describes as “a region of space, long thought to be unpassable, that at first kept the denizens of Sudra safe from the outside universe.” Players will be able to pass through to the other world where some secrets and solutions will be discoverable.


Next up was Wytchwood from Alientrap Games. The “crafting adventure game” is inspired by fairy tales and places you in the role of a witch living in the forest gathering ingredients and specimens for their work. The bulk of the game is in exploration and collecting as you’re caught up in a pact that requires your particular set of skills. Along the way, you’ll meet characters evocative of fairy tales dealing with their own troubles, but you might be able to help them with whatever magic you’ve got up your sleeve. Wytchwood is coming to PS4 and PS5 this fall.

Sol Cresta

Platinum Games is actually making the Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta sequel titled Sol Cresta that it once teased as an April Fool’s joke. Chief Game Designer Hideki Kamiya wrote on the PlayStation Blog wrote about why the studio has chosen to bring back the franchise after being gone for 36 years, and how it planned to modernize it with a “dock-and-split” system that would require players to combine and disassemble ships to gain access to new abilities.

“If we were going to take on a genre that is itself considered a ‘classic,’ the game would need to have the kind of unique gameplay like the titles created by industry pioneers, or there would be no meaning in the attempt. With the firm belief that the three-fighter “dock-and-split” system I’d envisioned would help realize a new game experience on par with the historical titles that had come before, I shared my idea with [studio head Atsushi] Inaba.”

Sol Cresta is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.

A Short Hike

Adam Robinson-Yu’s A Short Hike has been gradually making its way to new platforms since its original launch in 2019 on PC, Mac, and Linux. Last year it came to Switch, and this year it’s coming to PlayStation 4. The PlayStation version will also be coming with an option to tweak the pixel size, including the option to play in 4K on PS4 Pro and PS5.


After coming to just about every other platform, Carrion is coming to PlayStation 4 this year. The “reverse-horror” experience (although some might dispute that description) lets you be a gross ass monster blob made of tentacles and teeth. While you can get Carrion now on Steam, GOG, Switch, and Xbox One, those who want to play the game on PlayStation will be able to do so later in 2021.


Rounding out the showcase was Supergiant’s Hades. As if you haven’t already heard about Fanbyte 2020 GOTY Hades by now. But the game is finally coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 next week on August 13.