ICYMI: Everything from Today’s Netflix Geeked Week 2022 Gaming Show

Netflix Geeked showed off mobile games, show-based games, game-based shows and more!

E3 is dead and Netflix Geeked Week 2022 is here. Today, June 10, is the fated “GAMES DAY,” and hosts Geoff Keighley and Mari Takahashi revealed a ton of mobile games, video game spin-offs of shows, and television show spin-offs of video games. This past year, Netflix has been making a big jump into the gaming sphere by adding a bunch of mobile games available with every regular Netflix membership. There were also a handful of original games by smaller developers that got a nice highlight as well. Last year’s Netflix Geeked Games show was mostly focused on video games inspired by shows, but this year’s show included a whole lot more.

Didn’t get a chance to watch? Want to quickly see if it was worth it? Here’s everything shown at Netflix Geeked Week 2022.

  • Bioware reveals a sleek Dragon Age Absolution, a Netflix animated series. It’s a standalone show inspired by the Dragon Age universe, and the animation style looks a bit like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Dragon Age Absolution is dropping in December 2022.
  • Dripped out Katsuhiro Harada shows another teaser for Tekken Bloodline, the upcoming Tekken Netflix anime. This is the first time the game series is getting a TV show, and Katsuhiro explains that the show will flesh out the backstory of characters in the Kazama family and more.
  • Netflix Geeked Week 2022 showed snapshots of Netflix mobile indie games, including Moonlighter and Hextech Mayhem.
  • Chimera announced they are developing Shadow and Bone: Destinies, a narrative adventure based on the fantasy series Shadow and Bone. 
  • Nanobit is developing a dating sim based on the very wild reality TV show Too Hot Hot to Handle. Players get to create their own character and can flirt with the fictional cast in their own gaming season.
  • La Casa De Papel is getting a mobile heist game developed by Killasoft. It looks like a strategic handheld, cell-shaded time for fans of sneaking around.
  • Ripstone is working on the sequel to Chess, A.K.A. The Queen’s Gambit Chess game. It looks to teach you the fundamentals of chess with the cast of the show and also features an online competitive mode. Watch out, TFT
  • The show based on the game that is based on old cartoons, The Cuphead Show season 2 is coming to Netflix this August.
  • Snowman is developing LUCKY LUNA, a beautiful pixelated sidescroller for mobile devices. It’s an original vertical platformer joint from Netflix that looks really cool.
  • Desta: The Memories Between calls itself a mix of HadesDodgeballInception, and Into the Breach. A top-down, lo-fi vibe-filled roguelike, it’s launching later this year.
  • Devolver Digital brings three eccentric games to NetflixTerra Nil, Reigns: Three Kingdoms, and Poinpy. Poinpy, in particular, gets a brightly bouncing trailer (the Poinpy soundtrack already slaps, emitting major Bo-en energy). Poinpy also shadow dropped, so it’s playable on the mobile app right now.
  • MOBA fans ate up seasons one and two of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, so Netflix is serving more with the third season, which is dropping on August 11.
  • We got a peek at Wild Things: Animal Adventures, a puzzle + base building game which is coming later this month. It has a nice concept of restoring environments for very small creatures.
  • Sonic Prime, the upcoming 3D Netflix show based on the furry chilly dog-loving hog got a new trailer. It features the (sigh) multiverse, Big the Cat, and drops later 2022.
  • Netflix is really pushing its game hosting service by announcing Netflix ports of Spiritfarer and Raji: An Ancient Epic.
  • Another Castlevania show is in the works. Castlevania: Nocturne focuses on blue vampire slayer boy wonder, Richter.
  • Finally, the Netflix Geeked Week 2022 show previewed a quick cut of everything shown earlier, including brief snapshots of Oxenfree and Hello Kitty before wrapping up.