ICYMI: Everything from D23’s Disney Game Showcase

Disney is back into video games in a hands-off but big way and they're happy to show it off.

At this year’s D23, Disney’s annual conference about all the things they own and are currently producing, the mega-conglomerate held a video game announcement conference on their own. The event focused on their properties, which Disney licenses out to various developers and publishers around the industry, from Mickey Mouse to Goliath. If you didn’t get a chance to see the event yourself, we have a breakdown for you below.

  • We start the showcase with a World Premiere, borrowing both phrasing and honestly tone from Geoff Keighley’s various gaming event shows, with Tron Identity from Bithell games. There’s not a lot of details, but there is a Steam page.
  • Next is a game featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy in a multiplayer 2D platformer that looks kind of like Rayman Origins. Titled Disney Illusion Island, the game has no target date beyond just 2023, but does list a “Nintendo eShop” listing on the final screen.
  • Next is Marvel Midnight Suns, which has been delayed a few times since its reveal last year. We get an actual gameplay trailer this time, though, with a release date of December 2. There’s also some animated prequel shorts that will lead up to the game. Everyone is wearing yellow and black and it looks weird on everybody except Wolverine. These shorts start airing October 31.
  • The next segment is about Marvel Strike Force, the mobile action game. It’s a CG trailer where Red Hulk joins hands with Apokolips, apparently announcing that Red Hulk is coming to do the game.
  • Speaking of free-to-play Marvel games, next is Marvel Snap. Awkwafina reads an ad and puts a lot of pepper at the end of every sentence. The game launches in 1.0 on October 18.
  • After that is Aliens: Dark Descent, an Aliens-based tactics game coming out next year on consoles and PC.
  • Ubisoft’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora gets some seemingly old footage ahead of Ubisoft Forward tomorrow.
  • We get another quick look of Return to Monkey Island guided by Ron Gilbert. It comes out on Switch and PC on September 19.
  • Gargoyles Remastered is very casually announced, a remaster of the Genesis game based on the incredible TV show, being produced by Streets of Kamurocho developer Empty Clip.
  • Next is Disney’s action RPG Mirrorverse, a mobile game focused on its villains.
  • Another look at Disney Speedstorm, the kart racer that has made a few appearances at gaming shows here and there. The CG trailer shows Mulan, who has the highest body count of any Disney protagonist, racing with Mickey, Sully, and Jack Sparrow.  The trailer finishes with a teaser for more Monsters Inc. characters. The steering wheel really should be blocking Mike Mazowski’s face.
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley is next, which is out now on pretty much everything. The game’s a Stardew/Animal Crossing-like and introduces a Toy Story world to play around in. Somehow they made made the most sexual deviant-looking Wood they could possibly make. That world launches today.
  • Introducing Avatar Reckoning, a mobile MMORPG-shooter set in the Avatar world. The blue guys get armor and guns. I thought I knew what this IP is but this game maybe convinces me that I don’t. It is coming “soon.”
  • Next is Skydance Games and Amy Hennig’s Marvel game, which leaked earlier today. It shows Captain America and T’chanka seemingly in Paris during WWII. It is, for some reason, just not named at all.
  • Next is a new Marvel title from Niantic Games titled World of Heroes. Guess what, it looks like every single other game Niantic makes. Oh, that was the ending. Odd. Okay then!

What did you think of the Disney showcase? Did they show anything that floated your boat? Let us know below in the comments.