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ICYMI: Everything From Capcom's 2022 Showcase

It was mostly about already announced games, but some announcements and details came from Capcom's Summer Game Fest show.

Presumably finishing off Summer Game Fest — absent a surprise of yet-to-be-announced presentation — is Capcom. The Osaka-based publisher has already had a few announcements and details in other showcases so far this month, including State of Play and hands-on demos with Street Fighter 6 during Play Days, but their own show promised to detail a bit of what people already know about.

It’s inarguable that Capcom has a lot of momentum right now between Resident EvilStreet Fighter, and Monster Hunter, so a showcase to remind people of how well they’re doing in the critical and sales arena honestly isn’t a bad idea.

If you missed any of the stream or wanted to see some highlights, we have a handy recap for you below.

  • We start off with Ryozo Tsujimoto — literal heir to the Capcom dynasty — introducing more Monster Hunter Sunbreak. The expansion to the Switch and PC game releases in just a few weeks on June 30.
  • We see a new trailer for the game, which shows off the new monsters, returning monsters like Gore Magala, and the new Jungle level. Well, I say “new,” but it’s actually a returning area from Monster Hunter 2.
  • “Returning” as well is Espinas, a monster that was only in the Monster Hunter Frontier series. Frontier was an online Monster Hunter MMORPG on PC and Xbox 360 that only existed in Asia.
  • There were also be a demo for Sunbreak with a few different monsters, similar to the previous Monster Hunter demos with Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, and Advanced difficulties in either single or multiplayer. The demo is available on Switch and PC tomorrow, June 14.
  • If you buy Sunbreak, you need to have beaten the 7-star final boss fight in Rise to access it. You also need to clear 13GB of space.
  • A title update for Sunbreak is also announced, adding new monster Lucent Nargacuga in August. More title updates are expected in Fall, Winter, and some in 2023 as well. It seems likely Capcom heart the complaints about Rise lacking a consistent update cycle and is hoping to remedy that with the Sunbreak expansion.
  • Next is the Capcom Spotlight Corner, where they are once again talking about Street Fighter 6. There’s not a lot to this, mostly just reiterating the trailer.
  • The Capcom Fighting Collection gets the next spotlight, a game that isn’t likely to revitalize dead series.
  • Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is next. It works similar to the first one. Everyone gets the sidescroller Sonson for free, but Street Fighter II is also free for a limited time.
  • Next is Exoprimal, the multiplayer action-shooter about defending against dinosaurs. We get a new trailer that reveals some of the game’s story.
  • The new footage focuses on Leviathan, an AI that is testing humanity by placing humans into a simulation that forces them to fight dinosaurs. Fittingly, the main game mode is called Dino Survival.
  • Despite the story focus, the gameplay details indicate this is definitely primarily a multiplayer game. They even indicate it has something like Left 4 Dead’s director that changes the mission, which is probably actually Leviathan.
  • The different classes are decided by the exosuits, essentially warframes, that let you move and shoot differently.
  • A closed network test is coming with signups on the official siteExoprimal is releasing next year.
  • It’s the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma, the much-loved open world action fantasy game from 2012. Hideaki Itsuno, creator of Dragon’s Dogma and most of the Devil May Cry series, comes out to talk about the game.
  • We move on to Resident Evil, starting with Village. A world premiere video shows an adult Rose remembering the things that happened to her as a baby during the events of Village.
  • The tortured Rose is trying to break free from the curse of her powers and enters a consciousness that is actively trying to attack her.
  • This story DLC is called Shadows of Rose.
  • We’re also getting new Mercenaries content, that includes Chris, Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitresciu as playable characters. They specifically emphasize how tall she is, because they know how the internet works.
  • Village is also getting an update that adds a third-person mode. It looks, well, a lot like Resident Evil 4.
  • All of this is bundled together as Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, but the DLC is called Winters’ Expansion.
  • RE:Verse is also coming alongside all that. Remember RE:Verse, the multiplayer Resident Evil thing that was supposed to be included with Village? No? That’s fair.
  • All of this hits October 28, 2022.
  • Next, we hit Resident Evil 4, which was announced at the last State of Play. They replay the trailer from that show in its entirety.
  • Director Yasuhiro Anpo and Producer Yosohiaki Hirabayashi are out, outright calling the game a reimagining of the original Resident Evil 4.
  • The Ganado, the main enemy of Resident Evil 4, have been completely redesigned, though it’s not entirely clear how. A little bit of extra footage is shown, partially confirming a report we made from earlier this year.
  • Finally, Resident Evil 2Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7 are getting PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and updated PC versions today. The updates add 4K compatibility, higher framerates, and 3D audio. They’re also free for previous owners.

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