Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Finally Has a PC Release Date

It's been 84 years.

Ever since Monster Hunter World‘s enormous Iceborne expansion dropped for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hunters last month, those of us culling the PC version have had to sit idly by, twiddling our thumbs as our console friends streamed the beauty of Hoarfrost Reach and Grammeowster Chef’s down-home cooking. Capcom has previously said that it hoped to have Iceborne on PC before February of next year, but never specified exactly when. And so we have waited, writing fanfic about dreaming of cozy winter nights with the Handler, sipping warm cider as we relax in the hot springs.

But as of today, we now know how long our imaginations (and Twitch) will have to hold us over. Iceborne will make its way onto PC hard drives Thursday, January 9, 2020, according to the game’s official Twitter account. This is simultaneously sooner that expected and 400 years in the future.

As showcased in the below trailer, Iceborne PC includes a sizable spread of graphics improvements over the console versions. In addition to the detailed graphics options you’d expect from a modern PC game (subsurface scattering, depth of field, anisotropic filtering, etc.), hunters can also download a free, 45 gig high-resolution texture pack. Iceborne also supports resolutions up to 4K with no framerate cap, in addition to ultrawide 21:9 displays and DirectX 12. Capcom also promises an overhauled keyboard/mouse control scheme, but doesn’t dive into what that looks like in practice.

Unfortunately, the PC version of Iceborne will not be identical to the console version when it lands on January 9. “We are planning on making all previously released console-version free title updates available as soon as possible,” reads a roadmap posted by the game’s official Twitter. “Our goal is to fast-track development and catch up with the console updates and release them at the same time.”

According to the roadmap, Iceborne PC won’t reach monster/event parity with the console version until “Early February 2020,” when Title Update Ver.11.50.00 is expected to arrive. This update will introduce Rajang, the ape monster seen in the trailer above, as well as the console version’s forthcoming Resident Evil collab event, in addition to “room features and more.”

Gonna be real folks, it’s kind of a bummer that PC hunters won’t get the whole Iceborne at first, but there are two things that lessen the sting for me. First, Capcom was able to stick to its “before February” promise for getting Iceborne out the door, so that makes me feel good about its ability to get Rajang and the Resident Evil stuff done by early February.

Secondly, and perhaps most of all, the PC port of vanilla Monster Hunter World also took an extra few months to come out, and that thing is exceptional. I’m 100 percent willing to give Capcom as much extra Iceborne time as it needs to maintain that standard of excellence, even if I’m not super happy about it. And besides, I’ve always got my excruciatingly detailed Hunter/Handler wedding day fanfic the plethora of Twitch streams coming from the MonHun console community to hold me over.