I Wish I Loved Anything as Much as Roadhog Overwatch Loves Pachimari

The game's latest event is all about an in-universe mascot.

I came into Overwatch relatively late, so whatever it was that led to the in-universe fictional character/toy line Pachimari has eluded me. Despite being extremely into the game since a key lore revelation in 2019, I never really knew what Pachimari was beyond it being in the arcade machines in the Hanamura map and it being an actual piece of real world merchandise you could buy. Well, I feel like all it finally clicked in my brain thanks to the latest Overwatch event: the PachiMarchi Challenge.

Similar to previous Overwatch mini-events, the PachiMarchi Challenge is a limited time chance to unlock new cosmetics, all of which center around Pachimari. Starting today, March 9, you can unlock an icon, a Junkrat emote, and a Roadhog skin by winning games in any mode. Three wins will get you the icon, six will earn you the emote, and nine will give Roadhog a whole ass outfit to express his apparent Pachimari fandom. And I gotta say, this is the happiest I’ve ever seen the usually stoic Tank. Man is truly living his best life adorned in Pachimari merchandise. From the hat, the pants, the big Pachimari temporary tattoo on his belly. I wish I loved anything as much Roadhog loved Pachimari.

The event will conclude in just under two weeks on March 22.

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From the looks of it, little events like this are all the Overwatch player base has to look forward to until Overwatch 2, which has been pushed into 2022. Blizzard has said that content drops for the original game are going to be scarce in the lead up to the sequel, but the company has also confirmed it plans to have more to show of Overwatch 2 following last month’s BlizzConline presentation.

The Archives event is next on the game’s calendar, which has previously occurred in the month of April and brought a new story mission to the game. However, Blizzard won’t be bringing any new story content to Overwatch, as it has shifted all those resources to Overwatch 2’s campaign. For this reason, last year was the first year the Archives event didn’t include a new story mission.