I Get A Little Annoyed When a Gaming April Fool’s Joke is Actually Something I Want to Play

Give me more weird things.

Sometimes on April Fool’s, a gaming company will make a joke about demaking a game or adding a joke character or something that seems off-the-wall and wild and the joke is that they’re not actually doing this, it’s just a joke. The problem is that I’m irony-poisoned and kind of dig it and now there’s this thing I’ve been teased with that I’m never going to actually get.

Today, Remedy did this with Control, seemingly applying a filter to make the game look like a PS1 demake of 2019’s action-shooter.

Like, I even enjoy the buttrock here. I’d be totally into playing this! I loved Control and this is absolutely a thing I’d waste a few hours playing through.

The problem, I think, lies in the fact that gaming companies aren’t entirely sure what to do about April Fool’s Day. Disseminating fake news is bad and is annoying for journalists and overall just frustrating for everyone, so the obvious answer is to make a joke about your own game. Which is fine and I’m not criticizing the joke, I’m just saying, lemme try this. Say it fell off the back of a truck, I’m good with whatever story we want to use here.

A few years ago, Sega released a video of the then-untitled Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s battle system, which was turn-based and basically exactly like the final game. Everyone thought it was an April Fool’s Joke. I want more things like this where we can’t tell if it’s a real product and then it is. (Series producer Nagoshi has said they only made the game turn-based after the reaction to that joke but I don’t believe him.)

Anyway, the actual point of this article was in the first paragraph. Thank you for clicking.