I Can’t Handle Sony’s Meme Gifs After This Last of Us Part I Atrocity

Busting it down in the operating room.

In recent years, Sony has been making meme-y gifs of its first-party games to celebrate each launch. I’ll fully admit: I have a handful of the Last of Us Part II ones saved on my phone. Sometimes I would just rather send a gif of series co-protagonist Joel raising a glass in the same fashion as Gatsby in the 2013 Great Gatsby adaptation than send the same image with Leonardo DiCaprio, you know? But as this has become an inevitability with each game, it seems like studios are scraping the bottom of the barrel for references to make, and one gif from the latest batch that’s come out alongside The Last of Us Part I remake has me astral projecting from my physical form. I’m talking about this gif of Ellie dancing in the halls of Saint Mary’s Hospital.

I Can't Handle Sony's Meme Gifs After This Last of Us Part I Atrocity

See, to those who haven’t played The Last of Us, this probably doesn’t register as anything odd. But as a seasoned fan of the series, this is horrifying. Here we have Ellie doing a dance from Euphoria, which Zendaya’s character Rue did as she was walking through a medical facility, as well. The context of this place in the gif is what makes it terrible. This hospital, this hallway is where Ellie’s entire worldview was shattered. For those that don’t know, at the end of The Last of Us, a surgeon is getting ready to kill Ellie in order to find a cure for the cordyceps infection that has ruined the world because she has an immunity that might help find a medical breakthrough in this post-apocalyptic world. But as Joel, the player has to go into that operating room, kill the surgeon, and lie to Ellie about it after. In Part II, Ellie goes back to this same hospital and uncovers the truth, and it ruins their relationship, and makes Ellie a much more cynical person in the process. And now, here she is, hopping off the operating table to bust a move.

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There are a few more, such as Joel and Ellie headbanging in a car, Bill being a conspiracy theorist, and…David…the cannibal and pedophile throwing glitter in the air. Look y’all, I get these are fun and they’re a pretty good viral marketing tactic. But next time, let’s think about the optics a little more, yeah?