Hitman 3’s Second Year Looks Incredible

The upcoming planned content looks to keep the trilogy chugging along.

A year ago, after the release of Hitman III, IO Interactive seemed to indicate they didn’t have the same content plans for the third game in the World of Assassination trilogy that they had for the previous two titles. Things like new modes and new maps were probably taking a backseat to the upcoming James Bond title that IOI was working on, meaning the content of the trilogy would be remixed, but additions were unlikely.

But then Hitman III sold well. It sold really well. It sold so well it seemingly caught IOI off-guard.

There was absolutely content for Hitman III in 2021, but the Seven Sins DLC campaign reused existing maps for different kinds of modular content. Now with year two, which was teased in November, a bevy of Hitman content is on the way, as well as a lot more availability for people who have yet to dip their toes in.

To begin with, after three games of the single-attempt elusive targets, Hitman III adds a mode called Elusive Target Arcade. The mode is essentially a remixable campaign of elusive targets, complete with their own unlockables and different kinds of challenges.

The new modes don’t stop there, though, as the Freelancer mode introduces roguelite elements to the game and a customizable safehouse for Agent 47.

Hitman VR, which was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game with PSVR, will be coming to PC on January 20. The VR mode will also now encompass all three games, not just the third one. Additionally, the PC version of the trilogy will support raytracing later this year.

Finally, a new map codenamed Rocky is being developed and will be revealed later in the year, making the first new map since Hitman III was released in January 2021.

The entire trilogy will be re-released as one package, appropriately titled the Hitman Trilogy, and will be available on PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For those last few, that includes a newly-bundled Game Pass version and a release on Steam, both hitting on January 20.

As someone that thought the episodic structure of the first game (in this trilogy) was the best, I have been disappointed with the lack of new maps for the third game. Thankfully, IOI seems to not only be rectifying that, but adding in new ways to play as well.