Hitman 3’s Season of Pride Offers Assassins Multiple Paths

The second deadly sin gives players a bit more agency in what they do.

As Hitman 3 moves through the seven deadly sins, having last month reveled in Greed, it’s always interesting seeing how the developers at IO Interactive choose to personify the various concepts and make them into both targets and missions. Today, we get a chance to look at the roadmap for Pride and the options given to 47 in this new season.

The new season brings back Sebastian Sato, who has not been seen in the game since his appearance as a high-level clothes designer in the Paris mission of Hitman. An elusive target later this month pits 47 against another assassin in Mendoza, trying to stop her before she makes a deal to fully fund her independent venture in the same business.

At the risk of invoking the sin of Pride ourselves, this season also features bespoke contracts from Fanbyte’s own Kahlief Adams and Spawn on Me on May 20. Make sure to check that out and who Kahlief really has it out for in the Hitman universe.

As an addition, Hitman 3 players on Switch will also get access to a performance mode that runs the cloud-based game at 60 frames per second. All versions can access the Seven Deadly Sins DLC for $30 or $5 a pack if you don’t want to commit to the whole thing early.