New Hitman 3 Patch Adds Yellow Rabbit Suit, Duck Hunt, and a Ducky Gun

Hitman 3’s May patch includes new challenges like Duck Hunt and the ability to grab the Ducky Gun alongside technical improvements.

We are somehow in the third year of GOTY 2020 contender Hitman 3’s life, and the content for the dark humor immersive sim is still coming. The May patch notes for the game offer a couple of tantalizing new challenges: like the Duck Hunt Challenge in Berlin (which unlocks the sorta freaky Yellow Rabbit suit) and a new Elusive Target Arcade challenge which unlocks the Ducky Gun. We also have a whole suite of technical upgrades like Raytracing on PC, and a new player profile limit for the truly elite assassin.

The patch is out on all platforms as of today.

Here are the new challenge details, from IO’s press site:

Long Live Easter 

Unlock the Yellow Rabbit Suit by revisiting the Berlin Egg Hunt and completing the new ‘Duck Hunt’ challenge. Everything you need to complete this new challenge can be found on-site in Berlin. Good luck! 

(Dude, look at that mask!)

Five Quacks 

Enter the Elusive Target Arcade and complete a newly-added challenge to unlock The Ducky Gun. This unique weapon cannot be reloaded, but will quack along with every shot you fire.  

There’s also this master difficulty business, complete with a Star Wars quote:

Master Difficulty 

What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? We’ve tweaked the Master Difficulty for HITMAN 3, to add more cameras and enforces – to give you the ultimate challenge.

Dartmoor and The Carpathian Mountain are the only locations without added cameras.

Among the technical enhancements are raytracing on PC, adaptive super sampling, and a host of fixes. You can read the full listing on IO’s site.

I still kind of can’t believe that this game came out before the pandemic — going to, say, Berlin and doing an Easter Egg hunt still feels as fresh to me now as it did in the great time before.  Of course, if you need new things to do in the modern Hitman games, you can always explore the series many beautiful gyms and workout rooms. It’s such a solid, well-designed game you can play the whole thing without even using one of it’s major features, after all.