Rejoice, Headphone Users, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Will Be On PC

Experience the full audio-visual power of the next Hellblade game right on your local personal computing console.

At the spectacle-filled Game Awards a few weeks ago, we got previews of beloved series returning. One well-received veteran was Senua, the Norse- and Celtic-inspired warrior who brought players through a story of PTSD, psychosis, and exhausting but satisfying combat. And while the reveal scared PC gamers, they won’t be left out, as we have confirmation Hellblade will show up on PC.

Microsoft originally packaged Hellblade 2’s unveiling as part of the reveal for the Xbox Series X. Before the showing, it was stated that the trailer was rendered through the new Xbox itself. While it absolutely looked gorgeous, this pairing likely left fans worried about the fate of Hellblade 2 on PC.

Good news, though: Soon after the reveal, Aaron Greenberg, general manager for Xbox Games Marketing, confirmed that the game would make a PC appearance. The night of the Game Awards (presumably after the trailer), a fan asked Greenberg directly about a PC version. Greenberg replied to the tweet to confirm development for PC.

There’s no word on what platforms in specific this will be on so far. However, given it’s Microsoft, chances are this shows up on the Microsoft Store. And maybe if their Gears 5 launch did well, they might do something similar. Gears 5 launched on not only the Microsoft Store, but also on Steam for PC.

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More importantly, chances are they’re trying to create a blockbuster allure for the Xbox Game Pass. Through certain types of subscription, the Game Pass allows users to play through PC instead of Xbox — or just use both. The subscription service already has more than a few major hits, including Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, Fallout: New Vegas, and the original Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. A massive new title like Hellblade 2 can hook on players for good.

And given the sorts of acclaim Senua’s Sacrifice brought, the PC port will be eagerly anticipated. Critics and fans praised developer Ninja Theory for for not only the story and accuracy of the mental health depictions, but also for intimidating and powerful sound design. (And honestly, it’s a really freaking gorgeous game too.) You can imagine Xbox players aren’t all headphone users — so, it seems optimal to have the game available on PC, where this claim to fame could be accessed more by fans.