Hell Yeah, I’d Watch this Apex Legends Anime

The game's Gaiden Event pays tribute to anime, and so does its latest trailer.

My experience with Apex Legends is still pretty limited, as I only started playing recently with the sole motivation to play as pansexual icon Fuse. But developer Respawn has put out an animated trailer for the game’s new Gaiden Event, which references anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion and One Piece, and the roughly two-minute video just had me thinking, “hell yeah, I’d watch an Apex Legends anime.”

The video features Octane, Wattson, and Mirage all facing off against Revenant. All four characters are sporting their Gaiden Event skins, which reference characters from different anime without ever actually having to say the name and dealing without actually having to work out any kind of licensing deal. And it’s fun time. Apex Legends has had animated trailers in the past, but as most of these short-term projects do, the Gaiden Event trailer just makes me want to see a full animated show around these characters with a big budget.

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The Gaiden Event starts today, July 19, and alongside the homage skins, will also include weekly challenges, bundles and cosmetics at discounted prices, and a Prestige Apex Commander skin for Bangalore, who also makes an appearance in the anime trailer.

If you like the characters of Apex Legends but aren’t big on the battle royale format (which is where I think I fall, as well), it does sound like Respawn is looking to expand the game’s universe with a single-player game, according to job listings. That’s pretty exciting, because that means we might see a campaign that really gives some good character and story content and gives those of us who want something with a more immediate loop than the battle royale genre offers.