Halo Infinite Will Not Launch with Campaign Co-Op or Forge

343 still plans to release the game this year.

It’s been a long and bumpy road for Halo Infinite over the last 18 months. After finally getting a gameplay reveal in 2020, feedback to the presentation was mixed, prompting developer 343 and publisher Microsoft to delay the game to this fall. Since then, things have been looking up for Master Chief’s newest adventure, as extremely positive beta reactions have paved a smooth path to launch.

Unfortunately, it rarely works out that cleanly in video game development. Today, 343 announced that a few features won’t be accompanying Halo Infinite when it launches later this year, namely campaign co-op and the inimitable Forge mode, as explained in the latest development update.

Both features will miss Halo Infinite’s launch as creative head Joseph Staten explains in the video. The simple reason is that the two features just won’t be ready for launch and will continue development as part of the seasonal roadmap for next year. Campaign co-op is planned for season two and Forge will hit in season three, which are delineated at about every three months.

It is also reconfirmed that Halo Infinite is launching this year, but the specific date has not been determined yet.