Arc System Works May Have Accidentally Revealed a Second Guilty Gear Strive Beta

Early Access now includes early access to announcements, I guess.

It looks like Arc System Works accidentally confirmed that Guilty Gear Strive is getting a second open beta test that will include one day of early access for those who have pre-ordered the fighting game on the PlayStation Store.

News of this came from a (since edited) page on the studio’s website, that made mention of one day of early access to “Open Beta Test (2).” The bullet point has since been removed, but not before Anime FGC News got a screenshot and posted it to Twitter.

This accidental reveal came as part of a confirmation that Strive’s early access features will now include all modes in the game, rather than some of the game. So anyone who pre-orders digitally on PlayStation 4 or 5 will gain access to the following three days before public launch:

  • All Online Modes
  • All chapters of Story Modes
  • Playable characters: 15 with Anji & I-NO

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Guilty Gear Strive was recently delayed a few months to June 11 after originally being set to launch next week on April 9. This was to address feedback on the first beta, especially the much-maligned lobby system that Eric Van Allen wrote about here. So it seems only logical that Arc System Works would want to not only use that extra time to make substantial updates, but also test them out. The accidental reveal doesn’t include any dates or details beyond that a beta is being planned, however.

Like the other early access features, it doesn’t appear this will apply to those who buy Guilty Gear Strive on Steam. Whether that’s a Sony exclusivity deal or a compatibility issue isn’t really clear.