Guilty Gear Strive Developer Denounces Fake Emails Claiming Bridget Isn’t Trans

Arc System Works says its customer support won't answer questions of the sort through these channels.

Arc System Works has responded to attempts to fabricate an official response regarding Guilty Gear Strive and its confirming of Bridget as a trans woman.

It’s been a few weeks now since Bridget was added as a playable character to Guilty Gear Strive and her story mode included a route that confirmed her identity as trans. And as predictably happens whenever trans perspectives are included in media, there has been pushback from transphobic individuals trying to explain around the reveal or say it was entirely written by localization and against the original intent of the Japanese version of Guilty Gear Strive. This extended to a person posting what they claimed was an official response from Arc System Works claiming Bridget was actually male. Content warning for the Twitter thread where it was posted, as it includes both transphobia and ableist slurs.

This has prompted Arc System Works to release an official response denouncing the shared response and its claims about Guilty Gear Strive as a fabrication.

“Our Customer Support has become aware that someone has impersonated them and fabricated images made to look like official responses. ASW will not individually answer questions relating to content that is not published in-game or on our website.”

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Bridget’s storyline in Guilty Gear Strive seems to be an attempt to interrogate the character’s messy history, which included using her as the butt of transphobic and homophobic jokes in earlier games. While a lot of fans are excited to see the trans representation, there has been some criticism from voice actors about Arc Systems Works not casting a trans person to voice Bridget.