Guilty Gear Strive Delayed to Fix Much-Maligned Lobby System

The fighting game will now launch in June.

Arc System Works has announced that Guilty Gear Strive is being pushed out of next month and into June.

News of this came from a post on the studio’s social channels, where it said it would be integrating feedback from the fighting game’s recent Open Beta Test, which means that a few months of polish time is necessary to get Guilty Gear Strive at its best.

The full statement reads as follows:

“Dear customers,

We have made the tough decision to move the release date of Guilty Gear Strive (previously planned for April 9, 2021) to June 11, 2021.

Since we have received valuable feedback after the recent Open Beta Test, we would like to make the most of this opportunity to provide the best game possible. We need extra time to polish some aspects of the game, such as the online lobbies and the server’s stability.

We believe it best to use the extra time to improve the game’s quality and provide a better experience to all our players.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

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During the Open Beta Test, the lobby system Arc System Works was using for Guilty Gear Strive was a major point of criticism. Even here at Fanbyte, where Eric Van Allen wrote about how the lobbies were a major hassle, and that the community was already looking for ways to navigate around them rather than use them.

“That’s not to say the ridiculous lobbies will kill the game; fighting game players have traditionally dealt with frustrating multiplayer systems or used workarounds,” Van Allen wrote. “They will do it here and continue to do so. Private Discords, character channels, and subreddits, as well as just having a social network of fellow fighters invested in the same game, can go pretty far. My concern is where that leaves the average person.”

So hopefully whatever rework Arc System Works puts into place with these additional two months of development will smooth things over. Guilty Gear Strive is launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.