Guardian Rank Commendation Requirement Reduced in Destiny 2

Guardian Rank grinders rejoice, Bungie has just adjusted one of the biggest headaches for improving your Destiny 2 ranking. Announced today via social media, the commendation score requirements for all ranks have been severely reduced across the board. So if you are aiming to hit Rank 11 before Season of Defiance ends, you won’t need to worry about other players dishing out high-tier commendations after an activity.

While the in-game text hasn’t been updated, here are the updated score requirements for each of the Guardian Ranks:

  • Rank 7: 460 (was 750)
  • Rank 8: 790 (was 1,250)
  • Rank 9: 1,290 (was 1,750)
  • Rank 10: 1,530 (was 5,000)
  • Rank 11: 1,800 (was 6,000)

So if you’ve already achieved over 1,800 on your commendation score you won’t need a single person to commend you again. Along with those changes, Iron Banner has been moved up a week, with Trials of Osiris replacing it this Friday. So if you’ve been eager to test Strand in a competitive environment, get ready to hop into Trials of Osiris this weekend. There have also been reports of users not receiving their guaranteed Deepsight variant weapon in the new Root of Nightmares raid. Because of this, I urge players to hold off on completing the Deepsight puzzle challenge if they can. The last thing you want is to fight your way all the way to the end only to learn you haven’t gotten any red-border weapon.

As for weekly content, this week introduces another chapter in the seasonal story, a new Defiant: Battleground, Partition: Orandance, and another exotic catalyst for the Vexcaliber exotic glaive. All of these changes are currently live in Destiny 2, so get out there and start grinding your Guardian Rank.