Gotham Knights Trailer Finally Reveals New Robin Gameplay

New gadgets, new suits, and new moves.

Fans of the Boy Wonder, rejoice! This morning, WB Montreal posted a Gotham Knights trailer showcasing new Robin costumes and gameplay. Nightwing and Red Hood got a gameplay demo as recently as May, but Robin hasn’t had the spotlight since the game’s original demo in August of 2020.

While Nightwing’s combat demo looked pretty similar to his Arkham counterpart, Robin has a fresh set of gadgets. He has some kind of slingshot made of light, he uses a hologram to distract enemies, he briefly turns invisible around the 0:34 mark, and his trusty staff makes a welcome return. In Gotham Knights, Robin also uses the Justice League’s satellite to teleport across short distances. It will be interesting to see a proper gameplay demo in the future to understand exactly how this ability will work.

The trailer also reveals two new suits, pictured below:

Gotham Knights Robin Hooded Suit

Gotham Knights Robin Jump Kick

Suits in Gotham Knights are more than just cosmetic changes. While the details on these two specific suits have yet to be released, past gameplay has shown that suits vary by their stat increases, rarity, and mod slots. Unlike its Arkham predecessors, gear is shaping up to be a major component of Gotham Knights.

Today’s trailer follows in the footsteps of a similar Nightwing video from June 9 and uses the exact same structure. We can probably assume that there are more Gotham Knights trailers approaching in the coming weeks — one for Red Hood and one for Batgirl.

Gotham Knights has seen its fair share of controversies the last few months. After the May gameplay demo, fans were less than enthusiastic about the upcoming gear systems. WB Montreal canceled PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, likely frustrating console gamers that haven’t been able to upgrade yet. And Barbara Gordon’s backstory was adjusted after people criticized its problematic portrayal of disability.

Gotham Knights releases on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S on October 25.