Gotham Knights Release Date Moves Up a Few Days

Light of my life Harley Quinn is also here.

In the midst of all the world premieres and other ads, Gamescom Opening Night Live had a pretty notable announcement for Gotham Knights in the margins: its release date has been moved up a few days.

The cooperative Bat Family game will now launch on October 21 instead of October 25. This has been its release date since March, but it sounds like WB Montreal will be delivering the game a bit earlier than expected. This came alongside a new trailer focusing on the villains in Gotham Knights‘ portrayal of the titular city, which includes Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze. Always happy to see my girl Harley, and her new design for the game looks pretty intense.

Check the villains trailer out below:

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Gotham Knights takes place in a continuity where Batman is gone and only the kids of the Bat Family are around to protect Gotham. The game is cooperative, so up to four players can play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. While the villains trailer showcases a lot of the interesting story elements, its existing in a space between story-driven action game and live-service game has been a point of hesitation for some folks like Fanbyte Intern Charles Harte, who wrote about the issue right here.

In other DC news, the comic company’s extended universe has been hit in a few ways during Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent implosion, including the cancelation of a Batgirl movie with next to no notice to anyone working on it. At least the Harley Quinn show is still going.