Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Appearing at DC Fandome

The two WB Games titles have not been seen for a year.

Last year, the newly-minted DC Fandome — a digital convention for DC fans to interface with the different media permutations of DC Comics — rolled out the reveal trailers for two new DC titles from WB Games: WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights and Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That was more or less the last time we got major updates on those two games, though, as the former was delayed into 2022 and the latter was positioned as years off from the get-go. But it looks like we’ll finally be seeing more of both games soon when Fandome takes place on October 16.

Both games got separate tweets teasing/confirming their Fandom appearance on their respective Twitter accounts.

Gotham Knights, a multi- and single-player Batman game that takes place after both Batman and Commissioner Gordon have died, was originally scheduled to release in 2021. Due to a delay attributed to the pandemic, both Gotham Knights and nearly WB Games’ entire 2021 portfolio slipped to next year.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Rocksteady’s first game since Arkham Knight released in 2015. The reveal trailer was a narrative/tone teaser without any gameplay, but the game was at least two years away during the 2020 event, so perhaps this year will be the debut of actual gameplay and a sense of how the game will play.

DC Fandome is a free event that will be streaming online on YouTube, Twitch, and other services. It’ll also have non-game things like Aquaman 2, but your mileage may vary on how interested you are in those things.