Gnosia, One of 2021’s Most-Underrated Games, Has Been Delayed on PC

The single player social deduction visual novel is now set for next year.

Gnosia, Playism’s visual novel/single-player social deduction game that launched on Switch earlier this year, is coming to PC. But the studio has confirmed it won’t be making its originally projected 2021 release date. Which, given that we’re about ten days away from the new year as of this announcement, sounds about right.

Playism announced this through a post on its website, which now projects Gnosia to launch on Steam in “early” 2022. The full statement as translated by RPGSite reads as follows:

The Steam version of Gnosia, which was previously announced to be released in 2021, is currently undergoing final adjustments in order to deliver the same playable experience on PC as the highly acclaimed PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch versions, and we have changed the release date to early 2022.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who have been waiting for the release. We will make another announcement when the release date is determined, so please stay tuned.

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I reviewed Gnosia when it came to Switch back in March, and despite my frustrations with how mechanical its social deduction was, I really enjoyed much of the overarching mystery. In the months since, I’ve thought back on the game pretty fondly, and it just might be on a list of my favorite games of the year. If you’ve not tried the game out on Switch, I would personally recommend it on the system because its looping roguelike elements lend themselves to handheld play. But assuming the port is solid, PC should be well enough if you don’t have Nintendo’s system. Plus, there’s always the Steam Deck.