Social Deduction Visual Novel Gnosia is Coming to Switch Next Month

The game launched as Vita exclusive in Japan in 2019.

Gnosia, the social deduction visual novel by Petito Depotto, officially has a release date for the west. According to IGN, the once Vita exclusive will launch on Switch on March 4 in the west, and will run you $24.99.

The loop-driven mystery game launched in a rough spot as a PlayStation Vita game in 2019, months after Sony discontinued production of the (excellent and perfect) handheld. In an interview with Engadget, Narrative Designer Shigoto said the team at Petito Depotto ran into a string of bad luck developing the game, as Gnosia had been in the works as early as 2015. Which was, ironically enough, the year Sony put its final first-party game on the Vita in the form of MLB 15: The Show. Before the Vita version was completed, Gnosia was actually in development at PlayStation Mobile, which would’ve launched the game on both the Vita and Android mobile devices. But PlayStation Mobile closed its doors in 2015, leaving the team with only a Vita version left.

“I had actually finished the PS Vita port when Playstation Mobile was shut down, so there was really no other option,” he said.

Despite launching on a seemingly dead device, Gnosia did well for itself. Notably earning a 10/10 review score from IGN Japan. Shigoto also told Engadget the Vita launch helped it stand out, as players dedicated to the system took notice of a new Vita game coming in 2019. This helped elevate Gnosia to cult status.

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Gnosia follows a space-faring group looking for a traitor among them. The game’s format is meant to be highly replayable, allowing you to play through multiple routes of the mystery, each with different culprits and scenarios surrounding them. The game has been compared to social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf, or even recent games like Among Us that revolve around mystery solving and deception.