Get Treasure Keys for the Updated BXR-55 in Destiny 2 This Week

Get the jump on updated perk pools and origin traits for Dares of Eternity weapons.

We’re into the last week of the Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2, and beyond a short little exchange in the H.E.L.M. there’s nothing much to do while we wait for the launch of whatever season 18 is. If you want to get prepared for the next season, though, there’s one activity you might want to run in the meantime: Dares of Eternity. As noted in last week’s TWAB, Dares of Eternity weapons are getting updated perk pools and a new origin trait. While we don’t know what those updated perks or the new origin trait are yet, there’s one weapon in particular that might be especially good next season: the BXR-55 Battler Pulse Rifle.

The BXR-55 has been popular since it was introduced — a unique archetype Pulse Rifle with a zoom sight and a host of useful perks. As of this writing, it’s still among the most-used pulse rifles in the game, and the addition of a new origin trait and updated perk pool should only cement its utility. Right now, you can run classic combos like Outlaw and Kill Clip in PVE, or Snapshot Sights and Rangefinder in PVP. I mean, it’s literally the much-loved Battle Rifle from Halo, so it’s hard to go wrong.

Anyway, Dares of Eternity operates a little differently from most loot-granting activities in Destiny 2. While Dares gear can drop throughout the activity, you also get Treasure Keys from completing the activity which you can then spend to open the chest next to Xur in Eternity. That means that even though the updated Dares weapons won’t be available for another week, you can stock up on Treasure Keys now and then spend them all once the new season drops.

Again, we don’t know what the new perks or origin traits for these weapons are going to be, but I imagine they’ll make the BXR-55 even more of a top pick for Destiny 2 players looking for a solid Pulse Rifle.