Genshin Impact 3.0 Stream Details Sumeru, Dendro, & Update Schedule

Tighnari, Collei, and Dori join Genshin Impact's roster this month.

During its latest Special Program livestream, HoYoverse announced that Genshin Impact 3.0 launches this month with playable Dendro characters, the Sumeru region, new events, and helpful gameplay tools. It’s the first time Teyvat has seen a new element introduced through an update and one its community anticipated for quite some time.

If you missed HoYoverse’s broadcast, the near hour-long archive is up over on YouTube. But for those interested in a quick rundown of everything headed to the Genshin Impact 3.0 release, The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings, we’ve got you covered.

The next Genshin Impact update adds Sumeru, the Dendro elemental home.

Genshin Impact 3.0 – Sumeru, Teyvat’s Fourth Nation

Genshin Impact’s next major expansion launches on August 24, and that means you’ll finally see Sumeru for yourself. While the Traveler has already met some folks from the nation, it’ll be the first time the cast ventures to the area. Sumeru is the game’s fourth nation added for exploration, leaving three more for future updates.

The nation of desert and rainforest is also home to the Dendro element, Genshin Impact‘s woodsy nature alignment. At launch, you’ll be able to explore Sumeru’s rainforest, along with Sumeru City and Port Ormos. As Akademiya rules the area, Sumeru City sports a big “no fun allowed” sign. Just kidding — but HoYoverse explained how players would see some cultural differences over the capital versus Port Ormos. The latter serves as a hub for travelers and merchants and is also where you’ll meet Dori, a new banner character.

In the advent of a new update, there’s, of course, the usual Archon Quest additions for main story beats. Some of Genshin Impact‘s next banner reveals include characters from early leaks, and some the Sumeru tease promises to divulge more on. While we saw official confirmation for Collei, Tighnari, and Dori banners, additional characters like Nilou, Dehya, Nahida, and Alhaitham should join later on.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 release adds Collei, Dori, Tighnari, Zhongli, and Ganyu.

Genshin Impact Dendro Characters & New Banners

Speaking of banners, the jump into Genshin Impact 3.0 delivers two Dendro-aligned characters, Tighnari and Collei. We’ll also see Dori, a 4-star Electro user — an element not quite as starved as the new Dendro roster.

Tighnari is our 5-star banner for the expansion into Sumeru, the adorable, smarty pants Forest Watcher. To the surprise of no one, it looks like he’s fit to fill your main DPS role as a bow-wielding Dendro user and benefit from reactions with the Pyro, Hydro, and Electro elements. Tighnari’s banner runs first, with an accompanying Zhongli rerun.

As for Tighnari’s pupil, Collei — she’ll arrive alongside him. Collei is a four-star Dendro user who wields a bow, just like her teacher. For a limited time, the Traveler can recruit Collei for free if they complete the seasonal event, Graven Innocence, but she’ll still the usual banner release for those looking to beef her up.

That leaves us with the last of this patch’s new characters, Dori. The 4-star Electro support makes her debut alongside rerun banners for both Ganyu and Kokomi. And, thankfully, she doesn’t bring another bow with her — Dori wields a claymore instead. While I’m someone who remains a little underwhelmed by her kit, Dori’s moment in the trailer at least comes with a major bop. Completely unrelated, but really, go listen.

Genshin Impact 3.0 – Gameplay & Features

Of course, with a new area to explore, Genshin Impact‘s next update also adds new encounters. Jadeplume Terrorshroom, the spooky bird fungus boss, welcomes you to Sumeru with toxic fungi attacks and a weakness to Pyro. Electro Regisvine — a guy I swear I’ve seen before —  is another vine-like encounter, similar to our Cryo friend in the west. Typical ruin baddies, like the Ruin Drake, run amok as the zone’s special foes, and HoYoverse noted there’s plenty else to find lurking around the rainforest of Sumeru.

Dendro’s addition brings changes to other Elements, too. As we touched on in the banner updates, Pyro, Hydro, and Electro all come with new woodsy interactions. You may already be familiar with these reactions thanks to Dendro enemies, but the Traveler’s party can now set off their own Burning, Bloom, and Catalyze reactions, respectively. HoYoverse also has new weapons on the way to chain some of these together — both for banners and forging — like Hunter’s Path and End of the Line.

Genshin also promises more “optimization and features” in the Sumeru era. New tools added with the Land of Dendro include Boon of the Elder Tree, Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp Test Model, and Fishing Line Stabilizer. Boon of the Elder Tree comes in handy for collecting wood, and the Burner Lamp improves food processing efficiency. The Fishing Line Stabilizer relies on the number of fish you’ve caught in the past, providing buffs and tension guides with new milestones.

While outlining plans for the future, HoYoverse all said it’s adding a system to help wrangle old Artifacts. In the update, all 5-Star Artifacts updated before Genshin Impact 1.2 are obtainable via conversion through its Mystic Offering system. For every three 5-star pieces you sacrifice, Genshin gives you an Artifact Strongbox. Opening the Strongbox yields another random 5-star to replace it.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 Event schedule beginning on August 24 - release date.

Genshin Impact Update Schedule & Events

Graven Innocence headlines the Genshin Impact 3.0 release, with a schedule of new and returning activities. Divided into four parts, Roaming the Jungle consists of Snapshots, Behemoth Observation, Grove Dash, and Braving the Elements. Finishing all of Sumeru’s big bash also nets you a free 4-star, Collei. Outside of a new party member, the event shop is full of other rewards like Primogems, EXP materials, and new furnishings to remember the Dendro debut by.

This latest round of Genshin Impact updates also refocuses HoYoverse’s update schedule. Earlier in the year, the game saw COVID-19 related delays as the pandemic slowed development and knocked its usual schedule off course. In the Special Program, HoYoverse explained versions 3.0 to 3.2 will launch every five weeks. Since this cuts into Battle Pass time, HoYoverse will adjust the current experience requirement of 1,000 down to 900.

Genshin Impact’s Upcoming Patch Dates :

  • Version 3.0: August 24, 2022
  • Version 3.1: September 28, 2022
  • Version 3.2: November 2, 2022
  • Version 3.3: December 07, 2022

Things could always change as development carries on, but it’s quite a busy schedule. HoYoverse says it’s working on this five-week schedule without reducing what’s included, too. If they can do that without crunch, impressive — hats off to them. Here’s to hoping no other pandemic-related challenges hit such a massive service RPG.