Genshin Impact 2.7 Update Delayed

The update was originally intended to land in early May.

If you had been looking forward to Genshin Impact‘s next content update, the 2.7 patch that was scheduled for May 10, developer Hoyoverse has some unfortunate news for you. The upcoming update, which was presumably set to introduce a new character or two to the game, has been delayed with no new date given.

The news came as a tweet last night from the official Twitter account for the game confirmed a delay and said that further information — such as concrete details like a new date or compensation — would come later down the line.

For Genshin Impact, delays are typically uncommon. The updates run at such a specific speed and cadence that sometimes parts of the community even complain about how quickly things move on from one event to the next. The 2.7 update, which was going to presumably introduce the 5-star Hydro sniper Yelan and the 4-star Electro ninja Kuki Shinobu who were revealed at the end of March, being delayed pushes the schedule a bit further out than Hoyoverse likely anticipated.

While this delay was only confirmed last night, rumors had been swirling for a few weeks that 2.7 was going to be pushed back among the surprisingly consistent Genshin Impact leak community. A Hoyoverse representative told Fanbyte that the delay was “due to project progress,” but fans mostly expected a delay due to strict and ongoing COVID lockdowns in Shanghai, which Hoyoverse declined to comment on. Adding fuel to the fire, the game’s home-building mode has had its object placement feature shut down for weeks, indicating that no one has been able to fix it.

It’s not clear for how long the update is being delayed, but I imagine Hoyoverse wants it to be as miniscule as possible. Simply put, without a new update, they’re likely not making much money. The current character banner runs out next week, the last new character was a few weeks prior, and there’s no new battle pass until the update. That’s a lot of revenue to leave on the table! It’s likely not a decision they wanted to make and they probably can’t do anything about it, so at least good on them for not crunching on it.