Fortnite’s Ripsaw Launcher Week and Flare Gun Update Have Arrived

In the latest Battle Royale update, Fortnite’s Ripsaw Launchers will be more prevalent and the flare gun has been remixed for fireworks!

In today’s Battle Royale v21.10 June 28 hotfix, players will be able to find Ripsaw Launchers in more areas, and shoot fireworks at enemies with the remixed Flare Gun. According to Fortnite’s official site, Ripsaw Launchers will be in much mightier supply all week:

Been causing destruction with Ripsaw Launchers? To celebrate their recent arrival, Ripsaw Launcher Week is live now! Find Ripsaw Launchers in higher supply from June 28 at 9 AM ET to July 5, 2022, at 8:59 AM ET. In addition to their usual Chop Shop spot, you can now get them from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops in abundance. Let ‘er rip during Ripsaw Launcher Week!

fortnite ripsaw launcher detail

Next to Fortnite’s Ripsaw Launchers, Flare guns will no longer just launch piddling little flares, either. They’ll now rip with a dazzling fireworks display:

It’s the good vibes Season, so why not add some fireworks? With the Firework Flare Gun, you won’t be shooting a standard flare. Instead, every shot you take will be a fireworks show. The area where the firework shell explodes will be set aflame, causing the start of a spreading blaze. 

Find Firework Flare Guns from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops. 

Neither retooled weapon will be buzz-sawing or fire-working in the competitive playlists, this is for “chill Fortnite” only.

I’m honestly excited to get my paws on both of these. As I mentioned this morning, I don’t really mess with combat at all until I’ve played around and done a few quests, but once I do, I like to head for the closing circles with the goofiest arsenals available. Give me the wackiest guns, the goofiest bombs, etc., as I make an attempt for my first-ever win in the game. If I win a Fortnite Battle Royale match with a screaming buzzsaw or firework launcher (pardon me, with a Ripsaw Launcher or Firework Flare Gun), well, that’ll make victory all the sweeter.