Become A Stormtrooper In Fortnite Thanks To Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

There are two ways to get Fortnite's new Imperial Stormtrooper skin — and no, it won't ruin your aim against Jedis.

It’s Star Wars season again, and it’s high time for the promotions. We have a new game, a new movie, a new television show, a new… Fortnite Skin? Yep. Now, in the slew of new Star Wars material, you can pick up an Imperial Stormtrooper skin for a limited time in the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode.

If you look high in the sky in Battle Royale, there’s also a massive Star Destroyer hanging out. Yeah, like, the giant capital ship that floats around to take out entire planets’ defenses and such.  Not quite a Death Star, but still imposing and menacing.

But no matter, because we guess that’s your ship, Stormstrooper, and they’re keeping close tabs on your success. Until you die. And we can’t blame the infamous Stormtrooper inaccuracy for that, because it’s all on your sheer skill this time.

Ready to get one-shotted by a Jedi (or a random streamer in your game that might as well be a Jedi)? There are two ways you can get the Stormtrooper skin. Keep in mind, both require actual monetary purchases, unless you’ve got enough V-bucks laying around.

Amped about the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game, which comes out today? If you pick up the new game, you can get the Stormtrooper skin that way. Buying the game on the Epic Games Store (instead of Steam or EA’s own Origin, where it’s also available) is one way to get the skin. Once you’ve bought the game, the Stormtrooper skin will be attached to your account. Simply log in and blast some Jedis! However, according to the Epic Games Store site, this offer is only available until the end of the month, expiring November 30th.

fortnite star wars startrooper promotion jedi fallen order

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If you’re not as keen to spend $59.99 on the game-skin combo, the skin is also available in-game. It’ll bring you down 1500 V-bucks, though. In the smallest one-time-purchase increment of V-bucks you can get, the $24.99 for 2800 V-bucks, that’s about $13.40; in the largest increment, 13500 V-bucks for $100, that’s $11.11 or so. Either way, you’ll spend over $10 in real-bucks on the skin.

Unless you haven’t been too keen to Fortnite, or even gaming culture, you may know this Stormtrooper skin is definitely not the first major collaboration with a giant entertainment studio. During the promotion period for Avengers: Endgame, players could wield the fully-gemmed Infinity Gauntlet and blast other players to death. Unfortunately, it was also incredibly visible and obvious, and getting the Gauntlet was near-guaranteed death.

Fortnite ran an intensive promotion as well for Batman’s 80th anniversary. Of course, there were Batman and Catwoman skins. A whole section of the map was also carved out to look like Gotham city. We at Fanbyte know, though, that it’s well unlike the caped crusader himself to use… guns.

Much milder promotions include John Wick skins for him and “Sofia,” one of his assassin comrades, as well as the NFL, NBA and Samsung’s K-Pop collab.