Fortnite Lore & Leaks Imply Island Will Be Bombed And Replaced

Between an Italian Apple Store leak, the in-game countdown and "Visitor tapes," it looks like a lot's about to go down. (Like the island.)

In the two-plus years since Fortnite Battle Royale launched, the Epic development team has let it spiral up, down and around in plenty of ways. Between snippets of lore and pop culture collab, one thing has survived it all: the island. But it looks like that may change soon, as the Island may get bombed. And that means, possibly, a new Fortnite Battle Royale map?

Last night, the Italian Apple Store leaked images under the Fortnite Battle Royale store of a “Chapter 2.” Captured by fan update accounts, the images show the characters looking over never-before-seen areas:

Not just the features, but the geography of the visible map areas are extremely new-looking. Basically, it looks like a new map’s on the menu, boys. (And other genders.)

The presence of a new island in “Fortnite Chapter 2” aligns with a few fan theories about the island being wiped and replaced. This means, yes, chances are we won’t even see this old map anymore. You thought area-by-area changes were big enough? Try the whole game.

Right now, we have quite a few hints about what’s about to go down. For one the game itself, there’s a giant, unmissable countdown timer:

It hovers over what appears to be a giant launchable bomb of some type.

And last time we saw a bomb even a fraction of this size, well… now there’s a giant crater in the middle of the map. Who knows what one this size will do? (Probably, you know, destroy the island.)

If you investigate further this season, around the map, you’ll find six tapes from someone called the “Visitor:”

The mysterious voice talks about having to destroy a Loop — and the formation of a mysterious Island at the center of it all. Either way, there’s an important Island at the center of some wonky events, and stuff’s gonna have to get blown up to fix it.

There’s also the loading screen for the final season:

More Fortnite:

Many of the more recognizable players are seen waving goodbye to the Battle Bus as well as the island. It looks pretty sentimental, with the glow of a sunset lighting our characters, so we assume bidding a solemn farewell is the intent here.

The other big question is: will the old map be available anyway? Namely, battle royale competitor Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has several unique maps instead of just one. The main difference is that Fortnite Battle Royale’s areas and tools get massive overhauls season-by-season. Most of the PUBG maps receive tweaks far less severe than the Fortnite Battle Royale island.

However, with Epic’s tendency to force all its Battle Royale players into the same changes — even, to a degree, competitively — we might just all be stuck in the same new place. It could be an issue for players who haven’t played for a while, or younger players who don’t have time to memorize the new map.

Or, maybe that’s okay! A little change of scenery never hurt anyone. Or maybe it will hurt everyone. Who knows!

We won’t know too much until, for one, the timer stops counting down this Sunday, October 13th, at 2 PM EDT (or 11 AM PDT). Of course, Season 11, or whatever the next stage is, is likely inevitable, so we’ll be seeing that soon enough, too.

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