Fortnite Player Wins a Match Thanks to Luckily Timed Snowboard Emote

An emotional moment.

A few weeks ago, Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim arrived to Fortnite as an in-game outfit, which also included a snowboard emote where she quickly jumps backwards. Now, as seen in the game’s subreddit, one lucky player was able to dodge an upcoming attack with some lucky timing thanks to this emote, and immediately won the match afterwards. Dabbing to avoid a missile is so 2018 — in 2022, we’re doing sick snowboard tricks instead.

Titled as “the store says that the emotes have no advantage right?” on Reddit by user Ryzii_Mode, the 20 second clip showcases a one on one confrontation between two players (worth mentioning that the opposing player is using the Master Chief outfit, too) as the last people in a match. It’s all or nothing, and they’re both using their weapons left and right. Ryzii_Mode is handling themselves fairly well, but they get a few shots that leave them exposed.

But all of the sudden, the player does the Board Flair snowboard emote, which is part of Chloe Kim’s outfit. This allows them to move out of danger and reposition themselves to land the final shot and win the match. The video preview is a bit wonky, but you can either use the scroll to center it or just watch it in the thread.

It’s a hilarious sequence, even more so as you can see the player posing as Master Chief having a hard time processing what the fuck had just happened. In the comments, people are praising the maneuver, while someone outright calls it the “most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen in this game,” which I can agree with.

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As a fun fact, it seems that Ryzii_Mode didn’t exactly plan for this, as they said it was “actually a miss click” from their end. Based on what people have been debating, it seems like it could have been the result of pressing the D-Pad by mistake in the heat of the moment, actioning the “Replay Emote” button.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in the past, as you surely remember the moment where someone dabbed just as a missile was coming towards them and dodged it. It’s unsure whether or not Ryzii_Mode’s clip is going to be remembered for the next few years, but I’m sure that Master Chief won’t forget it anytime soon.