Fortnite Finally Has Customizable Avatars and Deadpool

And plus Fortnite has an absolutely buff cat that we didn't know we needed until today.

Another Fortnite season, another batch of new skins to work towards. Earlier today, Epic dropped the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass for fans to start grinding at. But this time, Epic is mixing it up. Or Deadpool is. He’s a fourth-wall-breaking character, after all.

A new collaboration with Marvel brings the beloved jest of violent shenanigans at the forefront of the pass. While the rest of the pass is special agent-themed, Deadpool, and the possibility of a Deadpool skin, has fans buzzing.

But we don’t have the skin quite yet. Right now, just like any other Fortnite Battle Pass reward, fans need to work to earn it. And this time, it seems that the patch to Deadpool is laced with questionable intent. You’ll have to find the challenges first by clicking through the vent in the Battle Pass’s main screen

So far, the challenges are finding Deadpool’s “Letter to Epic” and “Don’t thank the bus driver.” The former is fairly easy: the letter is in the very area where you find the computer. Just click it, and you’ll read Deadpool very gently suggesting (read: threatening the artist to use) a new bus design. As he says, “limbs are on the line.”

Chances are, we’ll see more challenges come out in Fortnite’s battle pass over the coming weeks, culminating with Deadpool’s most loyal fans receiving the skin. Or we could always have a homemade Deadpool skin that looks half-baked because that’s exactly what Deadpool would want for us. Handmade cosplay is a craft of love, after all.

But Deadpool isn’t the only skin that’s giving Fortnite fans something to talk about. This new season unveils a bunch of intriguing new skins sure to please everyone.

The most interesting yet is Gear Specialist Maya, who isn’t just any pretty face. In fact, she can be any face you want. By completing challenges in Maya’s Upgrade Vault, you can customize your avatar permanently any way you want. (Or any way you can, provided you need to unlock everything.) Each week, different challenges will unlock different gear and styles for Maya. It’s definitely one way to keep Fortnite skin fanatics coming back to Fortnite.

However, here’s the catch: Once the Fortnite season wraps up, you’re stuck with your custom-designed Maya forever. You can customize her any way you want as the season progresses! However, make sure you’re satisfied with how you’ve decked her out when the end of the season approaches. If you overslept past the end time… well, too bad!

meowscles cat skin fortnite chapter 2 season 2

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Meanwhile… yes, the Midas skin is a hot bad guy with a scar down his eye and is absolutely the type of half the gay and bisexual Internet. But that’s not what has fans and the Internet really freaking out.

Epic Games made the mistake of putting Midas alongside Meowscles. Simply put, Meowscles is a deliciously buff cat. Hence the really awful attempt at a “muscles” pun. (Mewscles would have been better, Epic.) He’s the anti-Fat Cat of Final Fantasy 14 fame and, more critically, the anti-Fatter Cat. His primary ability is “flex,” in case your skills projected onto him aren’t sufficient. And he’s got a “LYNX” tattoo, because beautiful cats are beautiful cats, no matter which species of cat it is.

Epic hints that you can mix up your Meowscles skin too by picking a faction, which unlocks black for Shadow and white for Ghost. So maybe mew can get your own catty* version of Meowscles, too!

*(I know. That was really bad.)

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