Final Fantasy XIV’s PVP Series Four Brings New Adjustments in Patch 6.4

Fans of Frontline need to dust off their danger bongos.

Final Fantasy XIV caters to the playstyles of many different types of players, and fans of PVP are no exception. During the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part 77, FFXIV producer and director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida announced the launch of PVP Series Four, Season Seven of Crystalline Conflict, and showcased a few quality-of-life changes coming to the game’s Frontline game mode.

PVP Series Four and Season Seven of Crystalline Conflict

Kicking off the update is the new PVP Series Four, which will bring new rewards and the opportunity to earn Trophy Crystals as players gain Series EXP to progress through 30 levels of Series Malmstones. At the time of writing, none of the rewards have been revealed, but based on the previous three series’, competitors can expect around five to six unique rewards with the levels between rewarding Trophy Crystals. 

Patch 6.4 also brings Season Seven of Crystalline Conflict, as well as new rewards for players who place in the top 100 rankings or reach Diamond Tier. Yoshi-P showed off an item that applies an effect to hellhound weapons, which will surely be worn as a badge of honor to top-tier PVPers.

Adjustments to Frontline

Among the new updates coming with PVP Series Four, a fairly large adjustment is coming for FFXIV‘s Frontline mode. The first change made is a new UI element that displays the match time and score. Pre-Patch 6.4, the information could be found in the Duty List, but now it will have its own dedicated, unique element on the HUD.

Adjustments have also been made to each job’s limit gauge fill rate and how much damage is dished out and received, but the specific modifier changes are unknown until patch notes are released.

There are a few adjustments expected to come to Frontline’s maps, specifically to Borderland Ruins (Secure), which will be temporarily unavailable in Patch 6.4, and Fields of Glory (Shatter), which had tweaks made to its map layout and rules.

Players familiar with Fields of Glory know that the landscape can be a bit difficult or confusing to traverse, but the new layout seeks to rectify this by streamlining the map itself and the placement of icebound tomeliths. Additionally, these tomeliths will now respawn, giving each Grand Company another opportunity to lay the smackdown on them.

Allagan tomeliths outside of each of the Grand Company spawns have been eliminated, removing the ability to gain points from an objective that seemed out of place comparatively.

Lastly, the Daily Challenge: Frontline will now also award Series EXP, allowing players to knock out two birds with one stone and make progress in Series Four while also completing their Duty Roulettes.

With these new additions and adjustments, seasoned PVP veterans and new challengers alike can look forward to battles against their fellow Warriors of Light as they strive to earn new, unique rewards coming in PVP Series Four and Crystalline Conflict Season Seven.