Final Fantasy XIV Maintenance Timer: When is Maintenace for Patch 6.4 Over?

At least it's not a full 24 hours this time.

Final Fantasy XIV is once again going down for maintenance ahead of Patch 6.4, and players all over the world are forced to find another game to play while they wait for the game to update. Patch 6.4’s maintenance isn’t a full 24 hours like some other patches have been, but it will take the game out for a significant amount of time to allow developers to apply the data to the servers.

When the patch is live, players will get a plethora of new content to play through, including continuation of the main scenario quests, new Extreme Trials, new Island Sanctuary content, and more. But before Warriors of Light can continue on their quests, Square Enix needs some time to apply the patch. This means that the game will be down for several hours while the developers work behind the scenes to deliver new content.

The larger the patch, the longer the maintenance usually is. Full intermediary patches like this one typically take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to complete. This downtime period is shorter than most, which is good for players who are eager to get started with all of the new things coming in the morning.

For those who are itching to get back to Eorzea, here is a quick timetable broken down by region to help you understand when the game will come back up in your time zone.

United States: May 22 to 23

  • Pacific Time (PDT): 7pm to 3am
  • Central Time (CDT): 9pm to 5am
  • Eastern Time (EDT): 10pm to 6am

Europe: May 23

  • Central European Summer Time (CEST): 4am to 12pm

Asia: May 23

  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 11am to 7pm

Australia/New Zealand: May 23

  • Australian Eastern Time (AET): 12pm to 8pm